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I'm sick and tired with everyone going on about how Facebook has over 950 million users. No it doesn't. It was over 950 million ACCOUNTS! Completely different. I wish people would finally acknowledge that.....
I can't wait to see how the markets react to this. 
I can hear the groans from Seoul now.......   
Duh! I've been saying this the entire time. No content, and it's DOA......
  Around here, all of the electronics companies and the Telcos advertise Android and Blackberry phones to the exclusion of everything else. Of course, most of these phones are free, or two for one when you sign a contract. There is very little iPhone advertising. There are iPhone 3GS and even iPhone 4's being offered for free, but who wants a two or three year old phone??? There is the odd deal for a free iPhone 4S, but that's only because it's about to be replaced by the...
The reason Samscum and others sell a lot of phones is because of two reasons, 1. They are the only phones a lot of places are actively trying to push on people, at the expense of the iPhone, and 2. They are practically being given away with BOGO deals and other rediculous offers that people lap up. In many instances new phone buyers are hijacked before they even get to see an iPhone.
I was at the store opening in Coquitlam Saturday. Added another T-shirt to my collection.
Perhaps the Woodside one was. The Waverley one is on a corner lot. From the SR Ave side the house only sits about 10 feet from the sidewalk. You can look right in through the windows on that street. 
  There was no one in the car. It was just parked a couple doors down. I assume to act as a 'scarecrow' to keep the riff raff away. If the car was gone at the time of the break-in, it just may return. 
An unmarked police car.
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