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Perhaps the Woodside one was. The Waverley one is on a corner lot. From the SR Ave side the house only sits about 10 feet from the sidewalk. You can look right in through the windows on that street. 
  There was no one in the car. It was just parked a couple doors down. I assume to act as a 'scarecrow' to keep the riff raff away. If the car was gone at the time of the break-in, it just may return. 
An unmarked police car.
When I walked past his place last spring, there was a ghost car parked across the street from the house. I wonder if it's still there?
I have a weird thing going on my my late 2008 iMac. After installing ML things were great until last weekend. For some reason (I was not in the room at the time), my system re-booted, or at least tried to. I did several attempts to re-start my machine, it took several attempts and several hours, but when I was finally able to get my iMac back up and running, there was no sound. So, back to re-boots, again it crashed several times, and I finally restarted by iMac. But,...
Sounds like you live in the Metrotown area.I bought a 386 from Net-link years ago. I would do that again. Thing was a lemon.....
It's nice to see the macs slowly taking over the world. But I'm also noticing a trend in movies and TV, where a Mac computer will have it's logo covered over. Two and a half men being the most up front example. Every time Ashton Kutcher is using one of his computers, there is a glaring sliver decal covering the Apple logo.   This logo sticker covering needs to stop.....
OK thanks. It may be a  feature that will be supported by web sites in the future.  
There is a tab in safari preferences which indicates "these websites have asked permission to show alerts in Notification Center." If want to receive notification Center alerts from say, the CNN website, or ESPN, how to I do that? Do I have to be a subscriber? Or am I getting something wrong?
Out of curiosity how do you get websites to send you notifications? I'd like to use that feature.
New Posts  All Forums: