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I don't want the earphone connector on the bottom of my iPhone. The two times I placed my iPhone in my shirt pocket in an inverted position, it switched off. The last time, it went into some kind of diagnostic mode, it took me over a day to get it turned back on again!!!
Microsoft didn't steal anything. One of the first things Steve Jobs did on his return to Apple was to make a licensing agreement with Microsoft for the GUI interface, in exchange for the multi-million dollar cash infusion which saved the company from bankruptcy. It was extremely controversial move at the time.
Hi, I'm Steve Ballmer, and welcome to our "too little two years too late party".  I'd like to give a special welcome to the employees here who make up a bulk of the audience, who's job it is to cheer and applaud at strategic moments.    In the last few years we here at Microsoft have realized that our business model is no longer working. For the past 35 or so years we have bullied, blackmailed, crushed into existence (Helloooooo Netscape!), and otherwise enjoyed a...
A developers conference in San Francisco. My god, can't MIcro-slouch do ANYTHING without copying Apple?
  You're absolutely right. The post PC era is already well underway, yet monkey boy is completely oblivious. This product clearly demonstrates this.   
I watched the keynote video. It was incredibly sad, and pathetic. There were constant veiled references to the iPad, I laughed when Ballmer talked about the innovation Microsloth has done in the past few years. There was virtually no actual demonstrations of the surface itself. They spent almost all the time talking about the physical characteristics of the unit. "It is only _____ mm wide!" "It has a professionally designed kick stand that goes away." "Look at this...
Ballmer elected to not regularly used one because of public appearances? What does that have to do with anything? He can use one in his office, or at home. How do you know the thing is any good unless you use it every day? Then you can make any adjustments to things he doesn't like. What a complete moron. How does he keep his job. Monkey boy strikes again...... The keyboard in the case looks completely impractical, as has been noted in past posts. A touch pad? Really?...
That's welcome news. I went through an hour and a half of frustration fighting with the checkout when trying to pre order my iPad 3.
I like this idea. This will be a killer app. 
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