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A lot of goodies coming out. Very nice.  When is the public release date for iOS 6? Did I miss that? Disappointed no news on the next iPhone. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the WI biography Steve Jobs said he had cracked the "interface." A far cry from the actual TV. He said it was "so simple."
Then this product is dead on arrival. As I keep saying, without non-cable provider content, it's just another fancy monitor....
I thought that's what "BJ"s restaurant and brewhouse was. Just off one IL....
I re checked my photos. The store opened last Thursday. On the construction hoarding there were depictions of some of their products. A thin laptop (rip off of a MBA), a win-tablet, (rip off of an iPad), a win-phone (attempt to remain relevant in the mobile phone market), and an X-Box. (which has never made them a profit). So, good luck with that store, guys.....
This new format takes some getting used to..... As a bit of an aside, is anyone checking out the big ass Microsloth store opening in a couple days. The one right beside the Stanford Apple store?
OK. Thanks for the info. I guess that means I don't have the Trojan.
I can't find it either. Anyone know how what we are supposed to do after downloading the update?
OK, I downloaded the update, how do you launch it???
Thanks to Apple's innovation, and the Sammy photocopier.....
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