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95% of all adverts here are for stupid Andriod or BB phones. There is an annoying dearth of iPhone ads. Of course, all the free phones are Andriod. When the iPhone came here, for the first year or so when Rogers had a monopoly, they should have plugged the iPhone like crazy, but astonishingly, no. All BB, then later all Andriod, all the time. Idiots......
It would take a while to find it. Perhaps it's in the isaacson biography.
I think Steve Jobs would agree 100%. If he wanted to have done a dividend, he would have done it by now. He always said the main purpose of Apple was to make insanely great products. (Sorry for the redundancy). The profit was always secondary. It was never about money to him. I work for a company in a shrinking marketplace, and cut-throat competition, with shrinking profit margins. What is our strategy? We're chancing high profit margins. Which means we will eventually...
I first read the books in 1980. I loved them, and have re-read them every five years or so. I've been waiting for a movie to come out based on the series for just as long, but was not sure if animation would have done if more justice. The trailers look awfull. It looks like they are going to completely change the spirit of the entire movie, namely John Carter, alone on Mars, and how he slowly becomes friends with Tars Tarkas and turn him onto a quasi-action...
The first person asking a question at the meeting brought up (jokingly) Apple buy Greece. Tim laughed but respectfully declined.
That was already mentioned in it's own thread a week or so ago.
Time for another T-Shirt. I have one from every Vancouver store.
They are building a HUGE one right beside the Apple store in the Stanford shopping centre. I'd post a pic if I was allowed to..... It's funny though, the hoarding has Microsoft products, 3/4 of which are rip offs of Apple products....
I was interviewed by both Reuters and MSNBC after the meeting. I wonder if either made it to air??? I won't get a chance to search for them until I get home Friday.
He did mention it by price. He says he uses it all the time. Phil Schiller looks like he's lost a few pounds too.
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