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The first person asking a question at the meeting brought up (jokingly) Apple buy Greece. Tim laughed but respectfully declined.
That was already mentioned in it's own thread a week or so ago.
Time for another T-Shirt. I have one from every Vancouver store.
They are building a HUGE one right beside the Apple store in the Stanford shopping centre. I'd post a pic if I was allowed to..... It's funny though, the hoarding has Microsoft products, 3/4 of which are rip offs of Apple products....
I was interviewed by both Reuters and MSNBC after the meeting. I wonder if either made it to air??? I won't get a chance to search for them until I get home Friday.
He did mention it by price. He says he uses it all the time. Phil Schiller looks like he's lost a few pounds too.
It was a good meeting. I like the one man trying to bait him into going down the big screen TV road. He told the questioner to buy a 99 dollar ATV and match it with his big screen TV.
Gawd, I wish they'd stop saying 800 million users. There are 800 million ACCOUNTS! A big difference. I know people on FB that have three, four accounts, even more.......
That's the difference between RIM (and others), and Apple. RIM, "we can't do it". >Sigh< It does not get done. Apple, "We can't do it"... SJ, "Yes we can"! And they do,,,,,,
We'll just get a little closer to shore so we can wave.....
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