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I think it would be a horrible mistake for Apple to switch from Intel processors to another type that is not compatable with the PC world. That is one of the reasons macs are enjoying the surge they are, because they are now compatable with the PC universe. I hope Apple realizes that.
Finally. I've been checking checking my mailbox for two weeks now. I can start to plan my trip.
I'm not sure what carrier you have, but my Fido iPhone has had visual voicemail since day one....... On another note, thanks Apple, and SJ, for giving us such a wonderful phone, and by extension experience. The phones that came before iPhone, were pieces of garbage. No doubt we'd still be using the same no-quality shee-ite phones if the iPhone had never come along.......
Are you kidding me? The phone I had before my OG iPhone was a HTC touch running winblows mobile. It was a horrible piece of crap. Doing the simplest thing on it was a Hurculean labour! Half the time I couldn't even figure out how to get on-line, and when I did, it was the crippled Internet that SJ talked about in his initial presser for the iPhone. The OS was a nightmare to use, and completely user unfriendly. Don't miss it at all. It's interesting to look back though,...
I hurt myself laughing so hard!!!
Any word yet on a date for the 2012 shareholders meeting?
He was in the vid. A quick pic of him holding his hands to his head.... :P
The ISPs would never go for that. They would protect their turf to the death. Just using random numbers, right now the average house probably has five intent capable devices, (not including game boxess like PS3), and three TVs. Currently, the three TVs are using cable to watch TV. We will say they are using 1 mbs to do their thing. That's 3 mbs. Now, we will say 5 mbs for each computer device. That's 25 mbs. We will add one game console, for another 5 mbs. So, currently,...
A good question. Will Apple handle everything out of their data farms? I've heard they are building another one. The problem is, one you enter into an Internet based TV model, everything you watch becomes a VOD event. It's like everyone with a computer starts watching Netflix, every day, in every household, in every town. That's what an Internet based TV is. It's the ultimate video on demand. Even with a server dedicated to every state, it's going to kill Internet...
Basically what I'm saying is that the Internet is getting crowded, and is only going to get more so without some infrastructure improvements. I would hate to see an Apple TV suffer because of it. Wanting to be able to to ten things, but only being able to do four because of bandwidth restrictions
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