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I think I'm on track now.  I change to a different USB port on my MBP and the IPad backed up with no issues.  I'll know for sure when I restore to the new IPad tomorrow.     Thanks for the responses.
spheric you are correct.  My question should have been backup and not sync.   Thanks for the response.
I'm trying to back up my IPad 4th generation to my Mac Book Pro Retina and i'm getting an error message that it will not sync. Need to get this working by Thursday when my new IPad 2 Air arrives. Message: The IPad "BobM" cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-50). Anyone have a idea of what is wrong and a fix for the issue? Thanks,
I"m looking at my first Mac purchase in the next few days and trying to decide if the MBA 13 is still a good buy.  I plan to upgrade to the I7, 8GB, and 512GB.   My use is personal and work from home using Parallel or Fusion.  I'm moving from a Toshiba 17" laptop the size of a small ship.   In the Apple Store, the MBA 13 looks like it would do the job, but I'm concerned about screen size and website readability.  It appears that when visiting a website they stay...
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