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That's "photo fap".
Since when is a .plist was considered "code"?
Oh yes, because when people see a tall, thin phone with the middle logo covered, no one EVER thinks that it's an iPhone! When I notice products with covered logos in TV shows,etc. it, frankly, raises my awareness. It doesn't lower it.
I expected more Mac in the video and less iPhones and iPads. I get it, Apple is trying to play them up as evolutionary descendants but those devices get enough love and coverage. This video should have been solely about the Mac, period.
It's amazing what qualifies as "news" these days.   What's next?   "Tim Cook drives a different way to work to avoid sharing highway with Nest employees"?
Yeah, and how did that work out for them? They've had crappy reviews on a horrid product.
Never mind.
  Nothing jumps out at me.
Yeah, except the data person in me asks "Why is the data missing? Did someone compromise the data? Did someone corrupt the data? Was the data not backed up? Do they even know there's a data loss? What else might be missing?" And then I start to think about allllll the possibilities. :D
Well they haven't quite restored everything. I renewed my membership on July 17th and the site still claims I'm about to expire (despite a link to the online store confirming otherwise).   Since I can't imagine that they had to "hand enter" my renewal once the confirmation was generated, I'm assuming this means they incurred a data loss on the membership database. :/
New Posts  All Forums: