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Too bad Apple couldn't find and hire the lawyer that is married to the judge.
I thought that Stevie's quote was meant for the folks who camp outside for the new iProducts. "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"
Which one of the two claimed to be sterile, so he could get out of paying child support for his out-of-wedlock daughter who was on welfare? Oh wait, that was Steve Jobs.
Are you sure she is not trying to avoid you? From your username, this sounds like an excuse you would not question. Otherwise it doesn't make any sense.
All bullies are at the core spineless.
Nope, I was not sincere. But just following the pattern of some insecure guys here patting each other's back.
Please, for the sake of humanity.
Very well said.
Sounds like one of those instances when Steve Jobs would have cried.
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