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The simplified interface is great but does this mean Image Capture is gone? Also does this open up AirPrint for all printers instead of HP printers?
I was thinking in the sense that the whole thing was written for 64bit. Snow Leopard was still largely implementing 32bit. As such Lion required a full upgrade to a lot of system stuff to be 64bit. With the underlying infrastructure being 64bit it now only needs to be stuff they've changed since which can in fact be done in a sort of delta-update fashion as opposed to a massive upgrade like what happened with Lion.
But Lion was mostly a ground up rewrite so it needed to be larger in file size. If Mountain Lion can come in as a kind of delta upgrade then the file sizes will only need to be huge when reinstalling from scratch as you have to download an entire OS.
This post is ridiculous. OS developers do this all the time INCLUDING Linux. They always give you options though and Apple is no different. Why does Apple have to do everything when others can do the job better? Why does Apple have to develop its own version of Java when Oracle can do it better? Why does Apple have to develop their version of X11 when X11 can provide a better version? Apple is trimming the fat that isn't needed by the majority. Let me ask you this. What...
I prefer Pixelmator. Trounces Photoshop and GIMP in terms of speed and requirements, leverages OS X features (hence most of the speed), and is quite cheap.
You should be glad about this not angry. As a programmer I'm sure you'd want to be on feature parity with other developers which you aren't as it stands currently. Is it just me or are developers not entirely objective in their approach to changes? Surely if something is going to make your life better and easier you'd want it wouldn't you?
Nope. There are also people who really need this. I use Crossover/Wine a lot and not having X11 would be very bad. However, it's not when it is downloadable. Sometimes there actually are reasons to complain... today isn't one of them. :-)
The Scrabble dictionary is crap. They removed jandal from the dictionary but allowed words like thang, innit, tik, gak, wiki, blog, keema, and aloo. Footwear isn't allowed but drug terms are? That makes no sense.
I just wanna be able to BUY books. Why can't I freaking buy books from the iBookstore simply because I live in New Zealand?
Glad he didn't get the role actually. He would have been under the reign of the second biggest knob head in world history. The first was obviously junior. I surmise that he hated government because they get in the way of innovation at the behest of big business "who care about as much to me as a festering ball of dog snot. If you combined their IQ you might have enough intelligence to tie their shoelace... if they didn't drool over themselves in the meantime."
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