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With Fiorina's extended and disastrous history of failures as a CEO and "politician" she has zero credibility when it comes to...well...anything. Period.
iCloud was out for me (Northwest U.S.) for about an hour, but it's back up and running again now. 
Samsung's ongoing loud and clear message that anyone that buys anything Apple is stupid is truly marketing genius.   I often wonder if their marketing wizards ever consider the "halo effect" their ads have.   I still have a Samsung plasma flat panel, but once it burns out I will never buy another one (LED, OLED, 4K, doesn't matter). I will never buy a Samsung SSD or a Samsung washer, dryer or refrigerator. A Samsung computer? Well...   Samsung may make some very good...
 Plus according to Apple, Ford is on the "to do" list for CarPlay. One can only hope that will be the demise of the God-awful Ford Sync.
 Same here.  Early on things would be good for a while then it was hit-or-miss.  However since iOS v7.1 my iPhone 5s recognizes my finger and thumb almost without fail now.  Much improved and very happy.
It runs (an Amazon version of) Android. I need know nothing more.
A neck-snapping 180 degree turn - from a marketer to an engineer - may be the kick in the a** that MS desperately needs, but neither of the two are visionaries.     If MS is to succeed, Nadella may be the interim CEO required to clean house and right the ship, making it ready for someone with a creative mind to take the helm.  Or they could continue to flail and rearrange the deck chairs until they sink under their own weight.     The next few years will be interesting...
In my experience Synaptics builds terribly buggy touch pads so that bodes very well for "me too, me too!" Samsung's fingerprint touch efforts.
It's clear that General Motors, Hyundai, and Honda haven't paid enough attention to Ford's blunder in aligning itself with the train wreck of Microsoft and their Ford Sync "technology".     With Android's massive fragmentation what could go wrong?
Shipping a product and actually selling a product are two different worlds.  Samsung cooks the books by never releasing actual, honest sales figures.  At least MS employs some transparency by writing down unsold and returned stock.  
New Posts  All Forums: