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I'm glad I held off. Everybody thinks that an electronic gizmo can be "smart" because it uses a handful of supposedly germane data sources. A little experimentation always shows this to be flawed.
Never again put the company in the hands of a bozo.
This is widespread. Out here also.
Last post was moved to a new thread in Political Outsider. This is about Apple, not Socialism, commies, pinkos, liberals, or whomever.
Excellent. I love accurate rejoinders.
Can't fix it except by putting him under general anesthesia until he is 25 and then waking him up. His frontal lobe neurons just aren't there yet. But we can prohibit his teenage or pre-teenage rantings here.
This is an Apple site. Anyone calling anyone else a "fanboy" or grammatical variation thereof, referring to Apple products, will have their post deleted and account banned. This means don't quote someone who used the word, or you'll get swept up by the search engine also.
We don't lock threads. If it turns into politics we will just move it to Political Outsider. If just a few people start insulting other people, we will just delete their posts faster than they can make them.
Nonsense removed. Altering quoted posts is not permitted. We don't lock threads here, but off-topic bullshitting and arguing, not pertaining to the subject of the thread, will be removed as necessary and points given.
Pre-ordered Friday morning, from AT&T after giving up trying to get onto Apple's store. Very early, shortly after AT&T went live. Got 3 emails saying the 2 phones would arrive on the 14th (not a "shipped" message). Tracking says not shipped yet. Nothing at my bank - no funds hold, no charged amount. Apple wouldn't have screwed this up. But they screwed up another way by not opening the store until after AT&T opened theirs.
New Posts  All Forums: