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This means Thursday night @ 3:00am right?
The obvious to me is the appla tv for gaming. Basicly power supplied to the chipset is what's holding it back. A apple tv won't have those constrains. To bad android consoles fail it would have given apple a push to make apple tv a gaming console to.
I still have the unlimited plan, I got the email yesterday and I am not touching this. They will take my AT&T unlimited from my dead cold hands!
Touch ID is a big miss with both iPads having A7 chipset and they are pushing productivity free suit, security is big. A7 instead of A7X means it won't be much faster than the A7 in the iPhine 5S which is a disappointment. Keeping the storage at 16/32/64 instead of 32/64/128 is a disappointment, paying 100$ for double the storage should give you more. iPad 2 instead of the 4 at 399$ is also a dissapointmet, it's 30 pin and performance is way behind with the A5(same for...
4k video and content on apps
4k iPad 6th gen seems like a waiste of performance to push all those pixels. Also the capacities will have o be 32g-256g if true...
Bye bye iPad 4 a smaller iPad 5 with A7X chipset getting to current consoles performance is what I have always wanted! Also a biometric scan on the home button I won't mind having...
Why are iPad sales down? Android tablets, windows 8 tablets or market is saturated?
iOS having game controller support is huge for a Next gen hardware Apple TV puck. This can make them compete with consoles, KOTOR on ipad shows the power iPad 4th gen. It could play a game twice as complex as that. A A7X Apple TV will blow away Ouya, etc.. And be on par with Xbox 360 on power(A6X 77gflops vs Xbox 360 115gflops). Off course Xbox One and PS4 are in the 1.2-2teraflops but IMHO a Apple TV with Xbox 360 performance and controller can be the 3rd console in the...
The Wii U and PSP vita are not selling come on Nintendo and Sony release your games on iOS!
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