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  agree but just wait for iphone 5 and ipad mini announcements it will rocket to 730+
When iPad 4 comes out iPad 3 will take the place of ipad 2. Apple does not want to maintain older hardware only the 3GS iPhone has survive this long so it can compete with the free android phones in the market.
10" makes very difficult having a good profit after 399$, the 7" allows for low price and good profit.
The way to see this move is to prevent android to get a pat of the tablet market basically instead of giving the low end to android now apple will have it and they will finally have a device for education at a reasonable price. Next school year will be the beginning of the digital book era at k-12 IMHO...Get them young apple lol
This is the cheap t,et that will get apple the education market finally. Kids will grow up with apple and books will finally become digitize on our schools...
Apple has always canabiloze their own products as they did the iPod with iPhones. What a 7" iPad gives them is the dominance of tablets which they lost in the phones arena and also a cheap tab,et for schools. The iPad 3 will sold less I agree but the iPad mini will sell VERY well which will more than make up the loses IMHO...
Well a iPad mini will maintain apple tablet dominance even with win8 talents coming intone market. And If they also get android phones to pay for a license the stock will hit 1000$ in 2013...
Microsoft is actually paying apple for patents in their windows phones. Sammy did not wanted to...
If PSY from Gangnam Style is also a copy of some American pop star I will die Lol
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