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I'm digging this, I was stoked when I discovered the Bad Religion and Dependents catalog.   Holy hell it goes all the way back to How Could Hell Be Any Worse, yes very stoked. 
“Human sacrifice!  Dogs and cats living together.  Mass Hysteria!” - Peter Venkman 
Taylor Swift, the mediocrity rules.  I still don't get her popularity, her music is bland and bullshit. 
Samsung is the "Burger King" of smartphones, copies everyone and makes an awful product.  
Reminds me of webOS, I'm digging it.  And glad everyone copied the only thing I loved about webOS.  
Methinks you doth protest too much.  If you truly believe what you put there, you wouldn't keep hammering away, and let the "folks" as you say, make their own informed conclusion. 
Oh stop playing the victim card and grow up, you've created this scenario on your own. 
Race cars, lasers, airplanes? 
Tidal is horse shit, it's going to fail no matter what.  Apple isn't the reason why they're failing, they're already on the spiral downward.  
Since we have Dr. Dre and Beats how, about OS X Compton. 
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