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Oh stop playing the victim card and grow up, you've created this scenario on your own. 
Race cars, lasers, airplanes? 
Tidal is horse shit, it's going to fail no matter what.  Apple isn't the reason why they're failing, they're already on the spiral downward.  
Since we have Dr. Dre and Beats how, about OS X Compton. 
I'm putting a bid in for Fontana, good old Fontucky.  And if Huell was alive, how cool would it be for him to announce the new OS.  "Here in beautiful, hot and arid Fontana, California's most popular truck stopping destination, amazin" 
I hope this is satire, militant homosexuals?   I have not seen this gay militia yet, where do they reside?  One thing for sure, I bet their uniforms are fabulous.  
Hand polished with real gypsy tears, legend has it.
Christ, I can't believe I've used PhoShop for over 15 years now.  I use both illustrator and photoshop on a daily basis, I couldn't imagine being stuck using something like gimp, what a royal pos.  
Most likely juggling his multiple Samsung BOGO's at Venice Beach, trying to make a living.
Awesome. I wonder if they'll have another lame super bowl commercial to celebrate their never ending failures.
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