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Haven't gotten it yet, will be picking it up after work.  But, I will let you know once I get it.  I'm hoping this makes some photo editing easier to do on the go, and hopefully layouts.  Stuff that actually helps my career out, not just arguing for the sake of OS religions. 
Aw, confuzzeled emoji, how cute.  Preach it brother Gator. 
Do you even contribute to society via a job or career or is being a forum jockey a full time hobby for you?  Seriously dude, your condescending, faux outrage and fake concern is very tiring.  I suggest, you find an anti-apple forum, that way you'll have a better audience for your tech theology conversions.  Maybe even start a Gatorguy baptism into google page, where you bless them with the love of the ever knowing search engine algorithms.  
Rule #2 of Zombieland - Double Tap. You think it's dead (technically it was before you shot it), one more makes 100% sure.  Then you're back to the first app. 
Not digging the designs at all.  Fingerprint sensor in the back, you can put as many "dimples" as you want, still a pain in the ass to find it.  Chromecast, more like Hockey puckcast.  And another attempt at the tablet market, whats this their 15th attempt?  Google is the McDonalds of tech, they keep doing too many god damn things, when they should be like In-N-Out, just make one thing really good and stick with that.  Maybe if they fixed their search engine to work, like...
I really want this, but yeah its better to wait for the 2nd gen.  Unless my Wacom tablet decides to break "accidentally"
I've always thought it looked like a booger with disco ball head, arms and legs.  It's a horrible logo to represent a company, they tried to make it too cute and used really bizarre shade of green in my opinion, seriously that's a mental hospital shade of green.  You want vibrant colors that reflect power and energy, not mental breakdown green.    *edit, forgot a T, yes a T. 
Nobody puts Apple in the corner! 
As someone that wants to get the hell out of the store fast, this looks like a huge pain in the ass to use.  
Fixed the "No Cell Coverage" battery drain in iOS 9, def a good thing.  
New Posts  All Forums: