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You insult the members intelligence on these forums, with your passive aggressive shill antics.  And I find it frightening that a grown man puts a winking face at the end of every passive aggressive statement you make, its like a 14 year old sticker collecting girl. 
Just, watched the Samsung commercial.  And Jesus tap dancing Christ, its the same old bs.  They really are trying too hard. 
Samsung is doomed. 😨
I'm digging all the syncing of iCloud notes and reminders.  I've seen a lot less spinning beach balls when working with large projects on Adobe illustrator, it feels to me to even open faster.  I for one am digging ML.     And who gives a rats ass about the facebook or twitter, if you don't like then don't sign in.  That simple.    I'll wait about a year after CS6, because Adobe is always wonky, but the iCloud being added will be awesome. 
Want to show some reference as what to read. Calm down Sally. Just put a link and cite your source please. 
LOL is this dude a joke?  
Your screen name fits, you do post lots of "lame" things.  What history, please explain.  You keep posting slippery slope BS. 
Yeah what happened to Google helping Samsung?  The kinda petered out eh?  Google let them crash and burn. 
Now this is rad news, winning.
New Posts  All Forums: