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This is actually pretty rad, going to def give it a try.
So, you have to have that ugly crap of a chrome launcher on your screen the whole time?  No thanks man. 
Thats the pot calling the kettle black, eh sport?
Just one man's experience that has no clue as to tech and should stay with his Wall Street BS, keep on trucking to mediocrity.  You are very good at being assimilated.
Just do a "jazz hands" gesture and it searches for you? 
It'll be ok dude, surely you're seasoned well enough to adapt. 
The Wall Street shills trying to create mass hysteria are actually kinda funny with their faux fear.  At least more funny than the Android trolls. 
Wall Street shill bait. They want a CEO that conforms to their needs, so they're at full attack to discredit Cook.    Short termed, small thinking people. 
Sounds good to me, I use CS5 too, but on an i5 really have no problems.  I say go for dual monitors too.   And if you ever notice the system slowing, just open the terminal and type "purge" frees up ram when you're working on heavy projects.  Good luck man! 
Small minded, short sighted Wall Street Bullshit.  Your type are dinosaurs, learn to adapt and change before you go extinct. 
New Posts  All Forums: