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I got the new 2012 mac mini with CS5 suite installed, no problems at all.  Works great, and its nice having dual matching monitors. 
I'm hoping they name it Lynx.  But yeah I've been really digging them since SL except for Lion, that one kinda drove me batty at times. 
And now you're forced to join G+ with a youtube account.  Or create one if you want to leave a comment.  Funk all that noise. 
Thats just distribution deals, like netflix.  Apple has iTunes to rent movies as well.  What are you trying to get at, whats up with this ruse? 
Google it guy, also look into http://www.apple.com/appletv/ .  For a kid that wastes so much time on the inner webs all day, you'd think you'd know how to do this. 
Yeah I was getting the snow screen too, while working on Illustrator.  So far no more flickering, the firmware worked. 
Sweet, that was getting old really fast. 
I totally Agree with Tallest Skil, the apple created plans are great.  But, 3rd party plans are totally a rip. 
That's actually a good idea. I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks marvfox.
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