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They already have an app for that https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-configurator/id434433123?mt=12  
I'm digging it, looks awesome. 
You insult the members intelligence on these forums, with your passive aggressive shill antics.  And I find it frightening that a grown man puts a winking face at the end of every passive aggressive statement you make, its like a 14 year old sticker collecting girl. 
Just, watched the Samsung commercial.  And Jesus tap dancing Christ, its the same old bs.  They really are trying too hard. 
Samsung is doomed. 😨
I'm digging all the syncing of iCloud notes and reminders.  I've seen a lot less spinning beach balls when working with large projects on Adobe illustrator, it feels to me to even open faster.  I for one am digging ML.     And who gives a rats ass about the facebook or twitter, if you don't like then don't sign in.  That simple.    I'll wait about a year after CS6, because Adobe is always wonky, but the iCloud being added will be awesome. 
Want to show some reference as what to read. Calm down Sally. Just put a link and cite your source please. 
LOL is this dude a joke?  
Your screen name fits, you do post lots of "lame" things.  What history, please explain.  You keep posting slippery slope BS. 
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