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*though, come on Sally, you can do better than that. Theres no trade mark for "fornicator of truth" but you have taken the label of this.  
LOL you fail, dude.  Do you get to demo the products before you market them?  Honest question.  
Its still not pro level bud, like Eric said its equal to ios apps.  Do you get to demo the product before you market it?
Did you seriously put a google ad?  Wow thats low dude
It won't have Halo, the only reason why I own a 360.  So funk that noise.  This will be sold at swap meets and mall kiosks. 
Need waders for this thread. 
Nice one googleguy, even something not of subject of google you still tend to slip in something for them.  Your attempts are mediocre at best. 
True, but where I meet most of my freelance work is at bars or gatherings.  And now that most people want an instant example, I think it'd be awesome to do a little quick mock up.    Although, I could just stick with my analog napkin and pen trick lol 
I think it'd be a great tool to show a client a quick mock up of what you intend to do.  
Question to you, why participate in these forums, when its obvious you don't care for apple.  Seems like you have a lot of time on your hands, just to argue on a forum that you don not favor.  Pretty interesting on your character, do you often like wasting time, do you do anything productive with your life?
New Posts  All Forums: