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This just boggles the mind.  So the short bus designer sees a bowl of water and creates that?  Looks more like a urinal troff.  Thats some grasping at straws right there.  
This is hilarious.  Totally an epic fail.  Curious to see what the android kids theory on this one will be. 
Excellent example of your passive aggressive charm, thanks.  😃
LOL he lives on this site, to smother everyone with his passive aggressive charm. 
Just pointing out the obvious guy. 
LOL awesome job, advertise the hell out of that before the new apple product comes out, and makes the nexus an obsolete POS. 
LOL losing steam, eh bud?  You keep repeating the same thing over and over again.  Follow these dotted lines --------> polly want a cracker, you sure are trained well. 
You're not thinking in the 3rd dimension, Marty! 
Wow someone needs a midol 
Thats a good point, I have to CC all my projects to three people above me all the time.  Its actually saved my ass several times lol
New Posts  All Forums: