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 All aboard the GeritolGuy fail train!  You do realize that you're looking pretty bad, I mean god damn.  You make your opinions as if they're facts, your interpretation on your "Click bait" (which I'd have to ask how much do you make funneling people to these links) is hilarious.   Then you act as a victim, when you're on a website that is basically an Apple fansite, when everyone questions your motives.  I wonder if you knock on doors waking others every Saturday morning...
I've done a restore and got the space back, people send one too many gif's now. 
You mean "off"?  Maybe you needed a better education grandpa?
To each their own old timer.  I think you're being overly dramatic over the situation.  As for Dumb things, thanks for setting precedent. 
Give an example, please of what this will ****.  You mean the cheap ass people that want everything that others have created for free, yeah I hope it does.  Being an artist, when others steal you stuff, its a sign of them being uncreative, not original and insincere.  
This is getting really ridiculous. 
You sure do hold a lot of conviction to your obtuse opinions.  Its always interesting seeing what you'll say next, as you interpret the links you cite or the what you quote.   Anyways, carry on full speed ahead as always, just keep running into that brick wall. One day you'll figure it out. 
Awesome, great way to market to mall food court thugs.  
Reminds me of Webos fails to try to sync via iTunes.   Great advert you did though, I'm sure it made a pretty penny.  You do the google witness good, and no I don't want the "search" tower brochure.  
I don't see any working watch so far, that was all done post production.  Every video link on here was all post production.  Maybe this is an april fools joke on the google-long-gang. 
New Posts  All Forums: