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Hand polished with real gypsy tears, legend has it.
Christ, I can't believe I've used PhoShop for over 15 years now.  I use both illustrator and photoshop on a daily basis, I couldn't imagine being stuck using something like gimp, what a royal pos.  
Most likely juggling his multiple Samsung BOGO's at Venice Beach, trying to make a living.
Awesome. I wonder if they'll have another lame super bowl commercial to celebrate their never ending failures.
I actually miss the old iTunes cover flow.  It was like having a juke box with all the album art, I really dug it. 
Maybe this will help, it has pictures for the folks that only read picture books too. http://theoatmeal.com/blog/net_neutrality
Someone in Termite Terrace wanted to educate, very rad Looney Toons find. 
Might be the children dressed up as 35 year old hipsters in the commercials for the Fire too, with the condescending irony.  Just be an online store Amazon, no need to create so much hardware in an already saturated market, do what you do best.  By letting me drunk shop at 2 AM Saturdays when I come home from the local bar, then being surprised on Monday morning with a gift from my drunk self. 
Was a very interesting thread indeed, really enjoyed reading it. 
So maybe we need to up our sex education in public school, so they can learn how to be responsible and use contraceptives.   Knowledge is power, and are you really spelling "sex" with a number 5?  Maybe thats the problem, its taboo to you because you're not educated properly on the subject. 
New Posts  All Forums: