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Jesus jet skiing Christ, whats going on with Apple as of late. 
It bent at the weakest part, around the volume buttons, thats the fulcrum.  Along with the length of the phone being a better lever.  Yeah science bitch.  Maybe don't wear skinny jeans and put the phone in your back pocket.  Yeah science bitch. 
Whoa, a live feed from the Samsung lab. 
What would make one not hack their android phone to not be a product, blocking all the data collecting.  Would the authority (Google) frown upon this or let it still be "Open" 
Its working fine for me on my 2011 Mac Mini, dual display 22".  Nothing fuzzy, even worked on a project last night for a few hours in Illustrator, no tired or strained eyes at all.    Only problem I've had so far was safari was non responsive after a restart.  
Also check to see if your orientation lock isn't on.  
Well that escalated quickly, don't ever argue with a technologist, no matter what they are always correct.  And when they're wrong, you are a douche bag. 
Exactly, it sucks in the San Gabriel Valley.  Yet I keep getting emails saying they've upgraded the service over here and keep getting the 1x and 3G.   
This looks pretty rad, I need to try it. 
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