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The Google Witnesses always leaving "Search Tower" converting comments. 
It has electrolytes it's what plants crave
I have no clue, I was either using the bathroom or taking a nap.  That was the most boring Super Bowl game ever. 
What a fail, LOLz
This won't go well.  Paying a subsidy for extra bandwidth is bullshit.  And just wait for the tiers, "If you want Facebook and google, only 29.99 extra a month"  Good times ahead indeed. 
No problems here on my 5s dude. Are you having these issues on your 5c?  Just out of curiosity. 
Brought to you by Carls Jr. 
Yo, tough guy, you forgot to add some crucial data from the report. Page 35 after those cool pictures you looked at also said this "The vast majority of vulnerabilitieson mobile systems were on the iOSplatform. However, the higher numberof vulnerabilities is not indicative of ahigher level of threat, because mostmobile threats have not used softwarevulnerabilities." Sorry to kill your "gotcha" moment
I ordered the Vader Black
Bam!  Got mine Available to ship: 1 - 3 business days  Delivers: Sep 30 - Oct 2 by Standard Shipping 
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