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We are the Borg. Resistance as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
Good god, are you touched?  One card layout for multitasking and wallpaper looking similar.  Keep digging kid
You need to download two different apps to do the same as one app would do on iOS?  Sounds very obtuse. 
Well it was nice while it lasted.  Now to delete it, as it shakes in fear. 
      Looks pretty well labeled to me, I love this feature.   
The moon is to toggle "Do not disturb" off and on, came out on iOS6.  Its the same icon in the settings now. 
Those are the iPod touch from last year.  
Yikes, don't get your unicorn sticker collection wet from all those tears. 
I think it is awesome and I want it now. 
I use a Mac at work, it does get work done.  Plus I don't need antivirus software running in real time taking resources away.  Now get back to work, flipping burgers kid. 
New Posts  All Forums: