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 Yo, Google wasn't even around in 1980.  It started in 1998.  They need to train you better. 
iTunes radio so far is a win, listened to it for a few hours at work today and not one repeat.  Big time win. 
Digging iTunes Radio, very awesome. 
Holy crap, that was hilarious.  And got a flash back of 2001 with windows 2000, always had a problem with the boot manager error.  Thats when I'd go full Tourette 
Dammit, I used Cards all the time.  And it was cool using your own photos, which means a lot more to family members using fam bam vacation fun pics.  Now I have family pic of tequila shooting thats going to go to waste this xmas. 
Looks like the creepy "six flags" old man. 
I keep reading Paperwhite as Paperweight.  
That thing is out of control, I still don't understand why you'd need a smart watch in the first place.  I'll stick with my analog watches. 
Thanks for the google lesson, how much do you make for these "lessons"  I sure hope you're not doing this for free, that'd be pretty pathetic. 
New Posts  All Forums: