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LOL is this dude a joke?  
Your screen name fits, you do post lots of "lame" things.  What history, please explain.  You keep posting slippery slope BS. 
Yeah what happened to Google helping Samsung?  The kinda petered out eh?  Google let them crash and burn. 
Now this is rad news, winning.
Haven't run into any problems with Mt. Lion.  Been using it for a few weeks now, Lion is a whole other story. 
There goes quality customer service.  Just wait until they get the PA system like walmart, that some fat hippo working the register bellows into every 10 minutes.
Talk about a red herring.  I guess hip boots were handed out to the jurors for all the Bullshit. 
Completely irrelevant once again, congratulations for being confused.  You're once again comparing apples to oranges, stretching facts as always.  Now lets see what condescending, passive aggressive thing you have to say now. 
This just boggles the mind.  So the short bus designer sees a bowl of water and creates that?  Looks more like a urinal troff.  Thats some grasping at straws right there.  
New Posts  All Forums: