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Sounds good to me, I use CS5 too, but on an i5 really have no problems.  I say go for dual monitors too.   And if you ever notice the system slowing, just open the terminal and type "purge" frees up ram when you're working on heavy projects.  Good luck man! 
Small minded, short sighted Wall Street Bullshit.  Your type are dinosaurs, learn to adapt and change before you go extinct. 
I was being nice, for all the work they put into it.  But yeah you're right I was lol
It was OK, you can tell it was rushed and low budget.  I laughed about 4 times.    Would I recommend it, hell no. 
Awesome, I can now see if a cow strayed away in farmville or if someone has a wicket awesome score in Candy Crush saga.  Or get a notification on "What are you doing" at random times, this is win all the way.  *sarcasm* 
*though, come on Sally, you can do better than that. Theres no trade mark for "fornicator of truth" but you have taken the label of this.  
LOL you fail, dude.  Do you get to demo the products before you market them?  Honest question.  
Its still not pro level bud, like Eric said its equal to ios apps.  Do you get to demo the product before you market it?
Did you seriously put a google ad?  Wow thats low dude
It won't have Halo, the only reason why I own a 360.  So funk that noise.  This will be sold at swap meets and mall kiosks. 
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