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The iPhone/iPad Remote apps don't control my TV, Roku, DVD player, AV Receiver, or any of my other hardware.  The beauty of the Harmony series of remotes is that they control virtually everything and are easy to pre-program with specific sequences (to make sure each set of hardware is not only on, but on the correct input setting, etc).     Don't misunderstand me, I'm not advocating for this piece of hardware (which I'll never own), but to imply that an iPad/iPhone can...
Slight math correction for the author:  One order of magnitude means 10x.  Two orders of magnitude means 100x.  While the ~18x is certainly a very, very impressive number, it is not even close to being "nearly two orders of magnitude higher".  When I see this type of error in the mainstream media (especially prevalent on CNN) I usually just ignore it.  But I've come to respect some of the in-depth reporting from this site, so it pains me to see it here.  Hopefully this...
I find it funny that politicians are the ones criticizing corporations for following the laws that the politicians set up in the first place.  Seriously, they have no one to blame but themselves.
  Agreed.  But at some point (<$121B), it becomes hard to intelligently invest that money.   Spend money if it will provide a return, but don't just spend it to spend it.
  I am also long AAPL, yet I would like a special dividend.  I'd much rather pay 15% tax now on a dividend (a historic low) than a higher (perhaps 40%) rate in the future.  (And no, I'm not some 'manipulator', just a guy that's bought, and bought AAPL for years.)  And if you use a DRIP, you're buying more of the stock at an undervalued price.  Don't get me wrong, AAPL should keep as much money as they think they will ever need on hand.  But they already have more cash on...
If Google Maps does become available as a dedicated app, is there a way to make it the default app?  I'm not aware of such functionality, which would limit the benefit to those that prefer Google maps.  I'm mainly thinking of when you select an address in another app and it redirects you to the dedicated mapping app.
I'm actually excited about Win8. Primarily because I work for a company with 40,000 people, and based on the thousands of applications we work with, I don't realistically expect them to ever switch to Apple (although, a guy can dream!). I figure Apple is so far ahead, that Win8 HAS to be a step in the right direction, and even though I won't use it at home, it could still be a positive for me.
I love AAPL, I do.   But to believe that 37% of the American population is too stupid to read "SAMSUNG" on the front of the screen (or on the packaging) is absurd.  Put both out on a rack, tell people you'll give them $1 if they choose the iPad, and I bet you 99% get it right.  If Samsung were selling north of 37% of the total tablets I might start to believe a statistic, but this is truly ridiculous.
I absolutely agree.  I find it fascinating that many of the best long term performing stocks (such as Apple, Costco, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc) completely ignore Wall Street expectations (as a well run company should).  Yet Wall Street harshly punishes any company that doesn't meet their uninformed expectations (including those I listed above), even when it is a result of investments to keep the business healthy and growing.  (I should note that AAPL's recent performance...
Thank God!  I hate Ping.  
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