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We have PillCam capsule endoscopy at our medical center already.http://www.givenimaging.com/en-int/Innovative-Solutions/Capsule-Endoscopy/Pages/default.aspx
Unfortunately limited to a token ring network topology.😎
"Rumors have persisted throughout 2015 suggesting that an "Apple Car" is the Cupertino company's next major new product category." I suggest that Apple has several new product categories in development; some which might be expected to be released in less than five years; e.g. a subscription television service, continued development of gaming on AppleTV (expansion into game controllers, virtual reality) and likely others.
Proactive with BreadcrumbsAugmented Reality Maps with "Browse Around Me"Transit directions
I think you don't have anything to worry about. Oklahoma is already right behind Florida, Texas and Kansas as the craziest state in the Union.
May as well start cutting the relationship now ... Soon virtualization will be the only way to run Microsoft Windows on the Apple MacBook with Apple AX SoC. I think the new MacBook is a proof-of-concept. Once Apple demonstrates that the product is viable they will switch to Apple AX SoC.
My relationship with the Watch? It's complicated ...
Apple has created their own content delivery networkApple has tripled the number of content partners on AppleTV in the past 5 yearsApple has increased their data center space by approximately 800% in the past 5 yearsHBO has announced HBO Now stand-alone streaming service
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