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As a matter of fact:- Forcing me to use a system that is definitely less secure than a competing one- No protection in the event of fraudulent charges
There is a simple explanation.An insufficiency of creativity. With the exception of a few channels there isn't much content worth any time on television. Television is the medium of the last century.
What a ridiculous statement! As a healthcare provider who has performed more than my share of diagnostic enemas I am highly insulted that you compared enemas to Google Android.
Fixed that for you.
No. He has always been dishonest. He is exceptionally committed to convincing everyone that the brown stains in Google's tighty whiteys is chocolate and disregards anything to the contrary.
I don't necessarily expect the Watch to be the monumental success of iPhone but the original poster's comment is absurd.
I am hopeful that batteries will not be a major limited factor within a few years. New batteries charge 70 percent in 2 minutes
Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!I am not sure (and don't care if) the government can do anything but signing the petition is quick and easy. Posting to Facebook and Twitter will ensure awareness.
The singular "good" quality of this post is that you have revealed yourself as unworthy of reasonable discourse.
Consumers benefit from Pay due to convenience, security and privacyMerchants benefit from Pay due to lower credit card feesBanks benefit from Pay due to decreased fraud
New Posts  All Forums: