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I have high hopes for the iPad; I already sold my iPad weeks ago. I find the 6,400-by-3,600-pixel screen resolution rumor difficult to believe. This resolution is much higher than any other computer monitor I could find on the market. This resolution would require an amazing GPU.
In all fairness, Apple iPhone was a revolutionary device that was five years ahead of competitors. The only competitors who have remained in the game have merely copied Apple.
Why would you order from anyone other than Apple?
Can you expand on this comment?Why is Microsoft Surface better than stylus available for Apple iPad, for example Applydea Maglus.
Stylus support is a Microsoft talking point. As we all know there have been stylus for Apple iPad for years. This is akin to suggesting that the Microsoft Surface is superior due to the keyboard. Apple iPad has supported wireless keyboards for years. RAM is another talking point for competitors. If Apple iOS was less efficient then RAM might be an issue. Competitors appear to need three to four times the RAM of iOS devices to maintain similar performance.
Apple has more features and functions in products and services deployed internationally than any competitor.I believe Apple is considering how they might improve iTunes Radio which is, I suspect, the reason for the delay in international deployment.
Glad to know that you still have a use for beaver at your age.
I have my servants and staff for such trivialities.
I agree although I believe your estimates of risk are wildly inaccurate though I imagine you aren't arguing specifics merely the importance of security. Please note I did highlight privacy and security as key in addition to the market strategy. I will state emphatically that Apple would not have been successful with the exact same implementation and features with ´ú┐Pay three years ago. Three years ago, EMV lacked a tokenization specification, Passbook, Secure Element and...
I believe many people forget just how much cachet and clout Apple has.Apple is the modern day Sears. Not the Sears we know today but the Sears of yesteryear. The Sears that started numerous highly successful ventures including; Allstate, Discover Card, National Tire Warehouse and Orchard Supply Hardware.Apple could easily create their own bank and issue their own credit cards. I do not believe they should or would at this time, merely that they could.
New Posts  All Forums: