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I have been thinking the same thing.Purchase Vimeo for a video platform. Invest in podcasters to use the video platform as well then promote podcasts as channels on Vimeo to draw traffic.An interesting note: In the past five years Apple has increased their data center space by nearly 1500% and are apparently preparing to double their data center space again. In the next five years Apple will be one of the largest "cloud service" providers in the world.
Wait! Are you that "Quadro?" The 1993 World Air Guitar champion "Quadro?"
The photoplethysmograph sensor on Watch is theoretically capable of measuring several parameters aside from heart rate and heart rate variability: blood glucose blood pressure blood pressure variability hemodynamic status (hydration variability) oxygen saturation respiration rate These methods have all been demonstrated albeit often poorly even in optimum conditions (minimal motion, near-optimal placement, minimal impedance).
In my opinion, this is likely a project to improve Apple Maps 3D feature. I believe it is likely that Apple discovered that performing flyovers of every city larger than 100,000 people in North America is impractical while deploying a large number of automobiles is more efficient and effective at generating data. I suspect that the quality and quantity of data may be sufficient to displace the "need" for "street views." If my hypothesis is correct, Apple may be able to...
Brand recognitionInfrastructureFirst mover advantage in (a) market segment(s) in which Apple doesn't yet compete
A Chinese knock-off with Android is a 'threat' to Apple by the same means that Marvel's Squirrel Girl is a threat to Deadpool, Dr. Doom, MODOK, Thanos and Wolverine.
Wow!Thank you for pointing out how dangerous these Google shills can be.
These arguments are very difficult to believe.Apple iPad has far more functionality than ChromeOSApple iPad can be "locked down"Apple iPad is arguably the most engaging consumer technology ever createdApple iPad is very affordable with grants (which my school district received thousands of dollars from Chevron for the purchase of Apple iPads)
For clarification, IDC is a well-known marketing research company that simply publishes corporate press releases from their clients. Publishing client press releases as market research is the primary revenue source for IDC.
New Posts  All Forums: