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How will Apple revolutionize contactless payments? I believe there may be three outstanding issues that Apple may be able to resolve. One of the greatest failings is the requirement to have the credit card or device in hand. Ubiquity of payment terminals may be another concern. Security is an area of concern for many. I believe competitors will attempt to persuade the public to believe the Apple solution is not secure.
Considering that we know Apple has a patent for solar, we know they have investigated solar charging. We also know that several companies use solar charging for watches. Given current market offerings, we know that battery life is a significant issue. Whether or not Apple will use solar charging though, I can not say.
Apple updates solar patent to include multitouch, flexible displays
LifeAlert (“Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) monthly monitoring fee - $29.95 Accu-Chek Compact Blood Glucose Test Strips, 51ct - $72.88 (Walmart) (does not include lancets) Philips Respironics BiPAP Auto SV Advanced-System One w/Humidifier - $3,689.00 (cpapsupplyusa.com) $400 seems very reasonable
In my opinion, Apple could simply add a few features to create the most compelling "smart watch" to augment the accelerometer in the iPod nano 6th generation Bluetooth 4.0 altimeter ambient light barometer GPS gyroscope heart rate monitor magnetometer The iPod nano 6th generation was already a compelling device in its time.
I strongly believe Apple will create a single iWatch with numerous options for bands. I believe that Apple discontinued the wildly popular iPod nano 6th generation due to the development of the iWatch. I believe another option is a PAN of devices similar to offerings from Polar; activity monitor, heart rate monitor, watch - each an independent device augmenting a personal area network of the quantified self.
Fitbit Flex - $99.95 sensors: 3-axis accelerometer; battery life: 5 days Nike+ Fuelband SE Gold - $149 sensors: ambient light, 3-axis accelerometer; battery life: 4 days Jawbone UP24 - $149.99 sensors: 3-axis accelerometer; battery life: 7 days LG G Watch - $229 sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, compass, gyroscope; battery life: 36 hours standby Samsung Gear 2 $299 sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope; battery life: 2-3 days (typical usage), 6 days (low...
Why (assuming rumors are correct) is Apple announcing the iWatch on 9 September? The Food and Drug Administration has an approximately 90 day queue for the approval of 510k Premarket Approvals.
The iWatch isn't a smartwatch in a different form factor. The iWatch is a culmination of Apple's research and development in the quantifiable self. The iWatch has numerous potential applications: diabetics (glucometer) fall detection for balance disorder and elderly (3-axis accelerometer, gyroscopic sensor) heart conditions (heart rate, heart rate variability) hypertension and hypotension (sphygmomanometer) military respiratory conditions (oxygen saturation) sleep...
In his defense, I was in the washroom this morning for my daily constitutional. While taking care of business I concentrated on copying the Samsung Galaxy S4. My "copy" of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was better than the original (though that isn't difficult).
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