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I am extremely disappointed in AppleInsider and Shane Cole for having completely missed the real story. Microsoft has a usability team? What do both of them do the other 39 hours of their week? I would like to see an expose about the usability team at Microsoft.
... “When it’s operating at full capacity, this plant is going to be producing as much as two times the current worldwide capacity,” he said. The factory will be able to make enough sapphire for 80 million to 100 million iPhones a year..." ... ... "... estimated that GT could make sapphire screens at $6.40 per unit and they would be sold for $8.00 unit." ... "... estimated that 42m units could be made in 2014 and more than 85 million in 2015." ... "...estimate was based...
This disregards the fact that storage of books, movies, music, photos and tv shows in iCloud is effectively unlimited. Having said that, I am not averse to more storage for Data & Documents in iCloud.This assumes that the consumer paying for Google Drive is the customer. Be assured that the paying customer is not the only revenue stream for Google Drive.
"serious changes to how the apps work"
I suspect some here will be surprised when iOS 8 is revealed.
For anyone who may be interested, please find a thorough comparison of Amazon Instant Prime, Hulu Plus, Google Play, Netflix Instant and Apple iTunes in the provided link. My apologies as I do not recall the source. I must say that I do use Amazon Prime for the free shipping as well as Amazon Instant Prime although I greatly prefer Hulu Plus and Netflix Instant on AppleTV. I have a Roku which is the device I use for Amazon Instant Prime. I do not use the Roku as much...
I am excited to see what Apple can do. Apple has obviously spent consider time and effort to improve Maps if their recent acquisitions are any indication.
Notably, HopStop offers directions for cities in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States which I find very encouraging even if transit directions for all these countries isn't available at initial release.
I can't find a single method that actually bypasses the Activation Lock on iPhone 5S.
Android isn't open source, Android is open sores.
New Posts  All Forums: