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Do you think Chromebooks are even that good?
A summary of IDC misconduct by techrights.org
Centuries? bah.Our family timepiece has been around for millennia.
I provided the examples of wages as a reference. As previously stated, the wages seem low to me. For example, $39 per hour for a Registered Nurse is entry level pay from a decade ago. Perhaps the nurses at the county medical center (Santa Clara County Medical Center) are paid $39 per hour but I don't know a single nurse who makes only $39 per hour.
For the benefit of those outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, $19.77 per hour isn't as much as one might think. As examples, the following are representative wages and living costs in the San Francisco Bay Area: Firefighter - $24 per hour Automotive Mechanic - $26 per hour Police Patrol Officer - $30 per hour Retail Store Manager - $30 per hour High School Teacher - $32 per hour Network Administrator - $38 per hour Registered Nurse - $39 per hour Computer Programmer -...
Thank you. You made several excellent points which I had not considered.
I am concerned that Apple has reached peak sales per quarter of iPhone. Admittedly, I can't envision new features that would create the unprecedented demand of previous iPhone versions. The growth of Apple may rely upon new products. I hope iPad Pro is real. I hope Apple considers the gaming console market / home automation market.
The problem is that the average consumer hasn't ever seen true cinema quality television.
Please identify the locations of the six data centers and the additional data centers Apple is building. The only data centers of which I am aware are:Santa Clara, California (estimated to be to about 11,000 square feet of data center floor space) seven year lease signed in April 2011Newark, California (108,000 square feet) acquired in 2006Maiden, North Carolina (500,000 square feet with 184,000 square feet of actual data center floor space)Prineville, Oregon (projected...
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