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No surprise since their research and development costs for consumer products are virtually nonexistent; deferred to Apple and dependent upon Xerox.
You are right. Technology companies are generally known for exceptional product concept demonstrations as well as their inability to deliver products and services as conceived.
There are only three categories unless some dramatic changes are forthcoming:Apple usersFuture Apple usersLuddites
Maybe... I believe there are a few potential applications for wearables:Extending the battery life of associated devices by offloading certain services (e.g. motion tracking)Multi-factor authentication for a mobile payment solutionPerformance monitoring (diet, exercise, sleep)Home Health (e.g. blood-glucose monitoring)
Oh, please. They have an Android device. Ticket upgrades are the least of their worries. They don't even know what upgrades are.
I don't understand why schools don't teach programming beginning in junior high school if not earlier. Many of the skills of programming are highly transferable especially to mathematics.
The source of the problem is the quite low population of persons of certain ancestries in Silicon Valley which is the predominant source of talent in technology. San Francisco Bay Area (nine county region) (7.15 million) 52.5% White including white Hispanic 23.5% Hispanic or Latino of any race 23.3% Asian 6.7% non-Hispanic African American 0.7% Native American 0.6% Pacific Islander 10.8% from other races 5.4% from two or more races 1, ...
In Silicon Valley it is not unusual for children to learn programming. My sons (10 and 13) are both pretty fluent with HTML & CSS.
I just don't see this being successful. Manufacturers can barely make Android devices responsive with octo-core processors.
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