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Maybe Apple is paying homage.
Does anyone have any idea f the design of the iPad Pro?
If Apple has any serious issues one of the most significant issues is insufficient floor space and staff. I would like Apple to improve their current products and services rather than add features and functions in the forthcoming (really already in progress) product development cycle. When not having sufficient floor space and staff is one of your two most significant issues then you really don't have many issues.
Actually, the sales results are as follows:iOS devices (iPad and iPhone only): 237,196,000/year (2014) averages to 59,299,000 devices/quarterMac: 18,906,000/year (2014) averages to 4,726,500 Macs/quarterHe was giving Intel a massive boost.
Did you perform a thorough analysis comparable to the analysis of Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray as referenced in the linked article or are you suggesting the analysis is biased?What is/are the issue(s) with Siri?Service InstantiationUser InterfaceSpeech RecognitionData SourcesRepresentation of ResultsBased on what appears to be objective evaluation, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray suggests that Siri has improved from a C+ score to a B- score from July 2013 to July 2014. ...
The Siri comment is the last "con" about Apple iPad Air 2.The Siri comment is completely unfounded as well.
The first "con" of Apple iPad Air 2"Is an iPad, will result in some people thinking you're an Apple sycophant / the kind of person who lingers at coffee shops for 8 hours a day."That is the worst Android Police have to say about Apple iPad Air 2.
Wow! How in the heck did troll become a moderator?Don't bother replying.
Not necessarily correct. There is speculation that every Apple iPad sold may be a x86-64 PC not sold. Please provide reliable evidence that Apple iPad market share is continually falling.Do you have any evidence that decreased sales have any correlation to Apple Ax; perhaps Apple iPad would have far fewer sales if not for Apple Ax.You have limited your definition of "tablet" to the ridiculous Google Android and Microsoft Surface narrative.... is it going to have people...
A dozen services actually do constitute 90% of Internet traffic.
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