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Remember those same people spate vitriol at Apple for a lack of Adobe Flash on the iPhone for many years. Furthermore, those same people proclaim the openness of Android while also promoting proprietary Adobe Flash. Honestly, Android proponents seem completely illogical and irrational.
beta.icloud.com continues to use Google Maps for my accounts.
You forgot the /s
I recently had the great misfortune of discovering this is not correct. I just completed a contract in the high desert region of California where I couldn't get a reasonable signal which caused the phone to constantly search for a signal. As a result, my phone had to be charged twice daily.
Samsung may have become a success mocking Apple considering Samsung is the largest "smartphone" manufacturer and apparently the only other manufacturer demonstrating profits despite a consensus of technology enthusiasts' low regard for their products.
I have reliable sources that indicate that the newest device from Apple will be something to watch.
Paul Thurott is the Jim Dalrymple of Microsoft, this will almost certainly happen. The challenge is that devices designed specifically for a particular ecosystem will likely provide significantly more functionality than a third party device.
Apple has definitely started their own speech recognition laboratory as evidenced by the purchase of Novaurius in 2013 which includes many of the scientists who originally conceived Dragon Systems; e.g. John Bridle and Melvyn Hunt. Furthermore, last year Apple hired Alex Acero away from Microsoft Conversational Systems Research Center.
I switched to Yahoo! soon after Google backstabbed Apple. Often, the results are; seemingly; superior.
This is only incremental improvement. As you said, Apple doesn't innovate anymore. :roll eyes:Innovation is larger mobile phones (despite thousands of years of history demonstrating innovation in telecommunications focusing on miniaturization and portability).
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