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The first "con" of Apple iPad Air 2"Is an iPad, will result in some people thinking you're an Apple sycophant / the kind of person who lingers at coffee shops for 8 hours a day."That is the worst Android Police have to say about Apple iPad Air 2.
Wow! How in the heck did troll become a moderator?Don't bother replying.
Not necessarily correct. There is speculation that every Apple iPad sold may be a x86-64 PC not sold. Please provide reliable evidence that Apple iPad market share is continually falling.Do you have any evidence that decreased sales have any correlation to Apple Ax; perhaps Apple iPad would have far fewer sales if not for Apple Ax.You have limited your definition of "tablet" to the ridiculous Google Android and Microsoft Surface narrative.... is it going to have people...
A dozen services actually do constitute 90% of Internet traffic.
Thank you.This is truly magical.Apple (and thousands of inspired developers) have truly brought technology to billions who would never have been able to experience technology on their own terms.
I think we are supposed to follow the white rabbit.I don't understand pro-jailbreak community especially people becoming upset that Apple patches the vulnerabilities.Notably, Google Android considers the option to install malicious, rogue apps a feature. Which is it; a vulnerability or a feature or is this entirely dependent upon which system is in discussion?
"Do Know Evil"Not a new motto... The same motto with proper spelling.
On the other hand, only Apple can truly deliver a Time Machine.
The competition expands considerable time, energy and money to convince the public that their products are equivalent to Apple products. We know that there are significant communities of people who do believe competing products are equivalent.I enjoyed the jujutsu reference.
Well... It's not ONLY magic.
New Posts  All Forums: