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Your statements don't support your claim very well.
This is absolute rubbish.Apple not only provides their own software, Apple Configurator, but offers a significant number of APIs for third party software for mobile device management with significantly more features than Google Chromebook Management Console.
Apple has never had a strong enterprise support and training team. This may be the reason Microsoft was and is dominant in enterprise IT for so many years. I hope this is one of the issues IBM will help Apple resolve.
This is trolling at it's worst.I have seen this in action. I have consulted for two different healthcare enterprises that purchased hundreds of iPads without a real plan. Incidentally, both organizations had significant layoffs.The issue isn't that the customer didn't buy the product. The customer bought the product then realized they didn't know what to do with the devices.
In my opinion, iPod Touch (or iPhone) with an Apple Display with integrated AppleTV for AirPlay and a keyboard and mouse would meet an amazing number of scenarios.The students would have a fun device outside the classroom and a workhorse inside the classroom. Similarly, professionals would enjoy their iPhone while at home and be very productive at work.
Don't know much about historyDon't know much biologyDon't know much about a science bookDon't know much about the French I tookWhat I do know is healthcareand how poorly Managers fairWhen they get iPads for freeThey just don't know for what they be
The only issue is a lack of proper planning. If keyboards are necessary then the school district should identify the requirement and include keyboards in the quote. There are a considerable number of options for mobile device management for Apple iOS devices. Management of mobile devices is another requirement that school districts need to identify prior to general release. Screen size ... Mouse ... Purpose (computer programming education, eBook-based curriculum,...
I could be mistaken but I believe the latest iOS 8 beta for AppleTV did include HomeKit (not certain exactly what functionality though).
The primary limitation is most likely the 2 GB app size limit. According to the iTunes Connect Develop Guide, iOS App binary files can be as large as 2 GB, but the executable file (app_name.app/app_name) cannot exceed 60 MB.
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