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Google Inc. CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF INCOME (In millions, except share amounts which are reflected in thousands and per share amounts) Six Months Ended June 30, 2014$31,375 Total Revenues$28,225 Total advertising revenues$3,150 Other revenuesNinety percent (90%) of total revenues for Google Inc. are derived from advertising. Thus, Google is an advertising company masquerading as a technology company.A very important distinction is who is charged for the use of Google...
Please identify the lie.
Please explain.Apple iPhone has offered hardware encryption since iPhone 3GS; protecting the hardware encryption keys with your passcode. According to Tim Cook less than 50% of iPhone users were using a passcode prior to iPhone 5S. Following iPhone 5S 80% of users were using a passcode and TouchID to secure their iPhone.
In fact, Google Apps are HIPAA compliant and customers may request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google.Having said that, I do not use nor do I recommend any entity use Google Apps. I believe Google's "HIPAA compliant" Google Apps are essentially a straw man awaiting the most insignificant of challenges until they collapse.
Do you even use iOS? Of course there is and has been an option to rate reviews as helpful for years.
Upgrade at your own risk. 8.1 disabled or otherwise caused the radios on my iPhone 6 to malfunction. Not a serious issue although I did downgrade; just an inconvenience.
Interesting that we don't usually hear about the weekly outages of Google services although the weekly outages certainly exist.
Do "we" have forums here where "we" discuss Android issues at such length?
You are correct although I am willing to grant DED grace considering the declining state of the written English language in the United States.
The erosion of our Constitutional rights makes our Constitutional rights that much more important as the populace increasingly becomes aware and revolution becomes imminent.
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