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One year.The secret sauce is the market strategy (and convenience and privacy and security). The timing is essential to the release of Pay.
There shouldn't be any issues with Pay as each individual component is mature from TouchID biometric security to authorize payment using the Device Account Number and transaction-specific dynamic security code stored in the Secure Element and NXP Semiconductor's NFC 65V10 and AMS AS3923 boosted NFC Tag Front End to Verifone's MX915 terminals.
We should do that with every store who has emphatically stated they won't support Pay; i.e. Best Buy and Walmart.
In my opinion, Apple should highlight Pay partners in Apple Maps. For example, Pay partners should appear on Apple Maps well before competitors.
83 known data breaches (not including several major industries such as medical/pharmaceutical) thus far in 2014 which include among others: The Evolution Store Albertson's Viator Inc Bartell Hotels Beef O'Brady's Restaurants The Home Depot J.P Morgan Chase Dairy Queen The UPS Store Supervalu Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) Wall Street Journal The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa PF Chang's Ebay etc. etc. etc.
In addition to the details provided by MazeCookie which are critically important to understanding the implementation of Pay there is another notable aspect of Pay. Banks have a strong incentive to adopt the necessary infrastructure of Pay as beginning in October 2015 between the merchant and the bank the entity with the least technological approach assumes full liability of fraudulent transactions. As a result, we will see Pay adopted very quickly.Pay is only now...
Virtually everyone who has seen the Watch in person, excepting a few competitors, has stated that the Watch is elegantly designed.Frankly, everyone here should know better. The reaction to the Watch has been similar to both iPhone and iPad. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the future of the Watch.
This is the problem with today's youth. They don't understand how to apply technology. Watch is the culmination of thousand's of years of technology distilled into a single device nearly perfected for academic dishonesty.
This benchmark is completely unfair! You didn't compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 13 with Android 6.8.2 "Twinkies." You just can't imagine how "creamy smooth" the interface is without experiencing Twinkies yourself. Google has improved the Ahead-of-Time compilation, debugging support, garbage collection, and octuple buffering AGAIN! Additionally, Google has developed new user interface guidelines known as "Golden Sponge Design." You Apple sheeple just don't know what...
"Flagship Android devices can run graphics intensive games as well." No. No, they can't. 1. The most graphics intensive games don't ship on Google Android. e.g. Infinity Blade III (Google Android finally got Epic Citadel last year) and Zen Garden 2. The benchmarks clearly demonstrate exactly the opposite; namely that even flagship Android devices can't run the most graphics intensive games available for Apple iPhone.
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