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The problem with ignoring trolls is that they are often paid shills.Microsoft's marketing machine is in high gear with the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
On a note more in line with the article. The number and types of queries is suggestive of more than testing.
For anyone who is curious. Apple was assigned their first "Internet" network address space in 1985, a "Class C" network space. Microsoft was assigned their first "Internet" network address space in 1989.
Much of this effort predates IANA.In 1981 "Internet" Addresses were managed by Jon Postel at USC - Information Sciences Institute. Assignment of network address space was managed by Jon Postel or Joyce Reynolds until 1987.As regards BBN, the history is quite convoluted for such a storied company that was critical to the formation of the Internet.BBN Planet, one of the first Internet Service Providers, was acquired by GTE in 1997.GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form...
Actually,BBN (Bolt, Beranek and Newman) now known as BBN Technologies is wholly-owned subsidiary of Raytheon.BBN was granted several "class A" Internet address spaces prior to 1981.BBN originally "owned" the 1, 3, 24, 31 and 41 address spaces.
You were overly kind to Microsoft.
No.No one needs a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.No.It still funs FOOL Windows.Exactly.
Google changed the game with their five year long Beta programs and has dramatically modified consumer expectations.There is always tomorrow for Google proponents.
Actually, Apple's ASP is likely higher with the introduction of higher capacity storage at the same price points as previous models as well as the introduction of iPhone 6 Plus.
Pump Up The Volume Dance Dance
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