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He has no need to make a counter argument as no argument was made only rambling, senseless statements from a mind afflicted by Google's reality distortion field.
Head gesture control? How about kinetic motion headphones?
Although approximately 15% of an individual's blood volume is in the head at any given moment and the scalp is extremely exposed to the elements; heat loss through the head is only approximately 10%. The key is exposed surface area; heat loss is relatively similar for any exposed region of the body.I believe the argument is that if an individual doesn't wear a proper head covering then 50% - 70% of heat loss may occur through the head assuming that the individual is...
What apps do you use for hiking?
Apple needs to ensure they have sufficient space to add the new product categories as well. I wonder if iPod will be removed as a top level device category this year. iPod unit sales have dropped 52% YoY from 12,769,000 to 6,049,000.
This is the reason that I am very concerned about Google especially given their demonstrated apathy toward human rights and willingness to cooperate with amoral governments.
Samsung is too busy giving consumers, competitors and courts the middle finger.
I am certain he must be using Android skinned to look like iOS based on his description which explains his confusion. This explains the fascination Android fans have with customization - they want to emulate the iPhone as much as possible whereas the iPhone is the iPhone so there is nothing better to emulate.
I would be far more concerned with the population of the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and the affluence of the population.
Advertising is a service that is arguably the most easily disrupted of all products and services. As we can see, this is occurring currently in mobile advertising. Google advertising has been displaced on the most valuable platform dramatically reducing mobile advertising revenue for Google. If the same displacement occurs in the motor vehicle market, digital media market or mobile payments market then Google could be demonstrated to be vulnerable.
New Posts  All Forums: