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Why do you believe the Apple iWatch will not feature a (continuous) blood glucose monitor?
You misunderstand my meaning.The iWatch may be a PAN of devices.
The fabled Apple iWatch may not specifically be a smart watch.
Potential advantages of an Apple iWatch versus Apple iPhone:Unassuming notifications (e.g. FaceTime, iMessage, etc.)Unobtrusive mobile payment authorization (biometric authentication)Inconspicuous biometric authentication (various health measurements; e.g. automatic login to your iMac when within 30 cm)Discrete, periodic health measurements (blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, hydration, oxygen saturation, posture, respiratory rate, stress,...
Yes, however, I believe we can trust their opinion regarding the source of the breach.
Anonynous has confirmed the existence of an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring." The event includes a number of people who essentially simultaneously released the celebrity photos according to Anonymous.
Anonynous has confirmed the existence of an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring."
Do you have an evidence that a brute force attack was used?The evidence I have seen (exif files, reporter statements indicating they were contacted about this prior to "The Happening", many images are not the celebrity in question or are photoshopped, etc.) suggests that this was a person who has traded such images in exchange for similar images for some time.
Thus far the latest iPhone to be announced on September 9th will offer the following: Custom Actions iCloud Drive Nitro JavaScript engine for third party web browsers Photo Editing Sharing Options Third party keyboards Widgets Additionally, according to rumors Apple will offer: Multiple form factors (4", 4.7", 5.5") NFC Optical Image Stabilization I wonder what Android proponents will complain about next.
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