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I am not certain that the vast majority of consumers understand the implications of their choices. For example, I had to offer to purchase an iPhone for my mother for her to really consider an iPhone even after providing her with a hyperlink to the Apple page about Continuity. She already has an iPad which she loves but she just doesn't understand that Android and iOS aren't created equal much like Microsoft and Apple aren't created equal.
Benjamin Frost has been around long enough that he has demonstrated that he isn't a troll. He deserves the benefit of the doubt. There is a legitimate basis for a complaint; device storage and mobile data plans primarily.You should listen to TWiT tv. Leo Laporte couldn't stop his attacks against Apple for giving everyone a free album. I have seriously come to believe that Leo Laporte is either paid by Apple competitors or is completely out of touch with technology. He...
What is the over-under in Vegas that Apple will start their own bank with $100 billion reserve within the next five years?
No need to be so heavy handed when so few understand the gravity of the situation.
What do you believe the "mysterious lenses" will do?
Considering that the POS system used by Home Depot and Target is designed for Windows Embedded you are quite correct.BTW, there is nothing inherently wrong with Windows Embedded. The issue is that most vendors who use Windows Embedded don't manage Windows Embedded devices as an operating system with all the disadvantages thereof.
I wish Apple offered a titanium or platinum edition. I may consider the 316L stainless steel with diamond-like carbon layer and sapphire crystal. I would prefer the watch be more compact. I very much like what Apple has achieved with the watch user experience. I am very excited to see what Apple can do with the watch in the next five years.
Why do you believe the Apple iWatch will not feature a (continuous) blood glucose monitor?
You misunderstand my meaning.The iWatch may be a PAN of devices.
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