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I believe you may have missed the sentence below which I have now emphasized.
I think the devices and operating systems are essentially ready now. In my opinion the last hurdle is developers and consumers. Will developers create the feature-rich, desktop-class apps consumers deserve at an acceptable price for consumers and will consumers reward those developers?
I opted out of Google's ecosystem for a reason. You can have my data when you pry it out of my cold, dead iPhone. I don't think we really need to concern ourselves with Copresence. Clearly the majority of Google users don't use many Google services such as Google Wallet. Copresence will likely be just another victim of poor implementation and deployment. If Copresence is successful it will never be used with my devices as I consider the threat to serious.
NFC ´ú┐Pay is gaining traction now although everywhere most retail clerks insist it either doesn't work or no one uses the terminals. The retail clerks are all astonished that those terminals work. I just returned from a Chevron station where the clerk insisted that mobile payments don't work. I told him I just used it last week. He continued to insist that it doesn't work. He look dumbfounded when ... it just worked.
I disagree."We don't need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you've been. We can more or less know what you're thinking about."Oceania's government didn't know what you were thinking.
As linked in the article: Google's efforts to monetize its Android user base with deep links between the company's public services and social profiles has resulted in a variety of privacy concerns, including one highlighted by ZDNet blogger Violet Blue earlier this year. The linked article is absolutely a must-read.
Great! Now Google is monetizing "sharing." I wonder how many malicious hackers will use this to spread malware to iOS from the Swiss cheese platform. I wonder if we will see ads when we share. I have been successfully converting friends and family to Apple for years. Thank goodness.
There definitely are issues to resolve.I believe Tallest Skill is correct in speaking about "convergence" of iOS and OS X as OS Xi; i.e. I believe that most of the remaining issues could be resolved within two years. While I am uncertain the two operating systems will actually converge, the two operating systems are undeniably converging in features.Desktop class performance - Check (64-bit architecture, processing power)Desktop class apps - In progress (Apple has...
I was writing about Microsoft not Apple.I agree; however; Microsoft Surface Pro 3 appears to target Apple iPad and Apple MacBook Air as the competition rather than Android OEMs (and former Microsoft OEMs).Microsoft chose to ignore Apple iPad until too late and enabled Apple iWork to dominate productivity on the iOS platform.Microsoft chose to ignore the post-PC age until too and enable Apple iPad to dominate enterprise mobile devices.Apple is; however; a relatively niche...
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