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I am the person referring to Microsoft Surface as "a hobby" in reference to Tim Cook's comments about TV. Posting that comment with a comment about the profitability of Microsoft Surface was to suggest that Microsoft Surface isn't a primary source of revenue for Microsoft.Then again, I am not certain any more what the primary source of revenue for Microsoft is supposed to be.Microsoft has refined their comments from a "devices and services" company.According to Satya...
Offering Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, most technology reporters believe the Microsoft Surface pro 3 didn't provide any net profit to Microsoft.I believe it is fair to say that Microsoft Surface Pro 3 "continues to be an area of great interest" and "a hobby."
Notably, $908 million revenue reported for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is, by many technology reporters, presumed to be less than the cost of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 business.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a poorly implemented solution in an attempt to hold onto Microsoft's tenuous grasp on personal computing as defined in the 1990s while appearing to look forward to the future of computing."... it's still a leap to say this will be a true laptop replacement for most...
Apple iPad Air 2Kraken 1.14,480 ms averageSunspider 1.0.2320 ms averageOctane v28,349Geekbench 3.2.24,489 averageMicrosoft Surface Pro 3 (Core i3-4020Y)Kraken 1.12,801 msSunspider 1.0.2340 msOctane v211,636Geekbench 3.2.23,275Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Core i5-4300U)Kraken 1.11,627 msSunspider 1.0.2195 msOctane v221,790Geekbench 3.2.25,263I find the performance of iPad Air 2 very compelling. We are clearly at a point where the only limitation to iPad versus laptops is...
As a matter of fact:- Forcing me to use a system that is definitely less secure than a competing one- No protection in the event of fraudulent charges
There is a simple explanation.An insufficiency of creativity. With the exception of a few channels there isn't much content worth any time on television. Television is the medium of the last century.
What a ridiculous statement! As a healthcare provider who has performed more than my share of diagnostic enemas I am highly insulted that you compared enemas to Google Android.
Fixed that for you.
No. He has always been dishonest. He is exceptionally committed to convincing everyone that the brown stains in Google's tighty whiteys is chocolate and disregards anything to the contrary.
I don't necessarily expect the Watch to be the monumental success of iPhone but the original poster's comment is absurd.
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