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Same here.I am using Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite on my primary machine (have several others) but have a Time Machine backup.I am seeing many kernel panics in Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite DP 4 and would advise most people to not install the public beta at this time.
"Most favored nation" cause is a common contract provision. The agency pricing model is common as well.
Not only is Apple OS X a direct descendant of NeXTSTEP through the OPENSTEP lineage but Apple OS X is based on the Mach kernel and BSD components. Furthermore, Apple continues to contribute considerable effort to the open source community rather than pretending to be open source when they aren't really.OpenCLGrand Central Dispatch
You don't know how I "see" that.The issue I have is with sycophants who mindlessly chant their religious mantra of "open source" but ignore or even refute the fact that a significant portion of (the basis for) Apple OS X is open source.
No. The death of Adobe Flash should be attributed almost singularly to Apple. Google Android proponents derided the lack of Adobe Flash support on Apple iPhones for years before finally accepting reality. Another indication of Google Android proponents disconnect with reality; support for the supposedly open Google Android and support for proprietary Adobe Flash.
If so I will definitely purchase the iWatch Pro with the Intel CPU and the ability to do real work with Microsoft Office although I may need a kickstand for the iWatch Pro.
This data precedes the deployment of TouchID API. I think this will be fascinating to revisit in one year.
I am rescinding my statement that Apple will not increase clock speed to 2 GHz. Apple may increase clock speed to 2 GHz if they migrate to a big.LITTLE processor architecture. Qualcomm has announced ARM-based hexa-core and octo-core big.LITTLE 20 nm processor architectures at 2 GHz clock speeds using dual-channel 1600 MHz LPDDR4 RAM for early 2015. I think this strengthens Dick Applebaum's argument.
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