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The services referenced are not comparable services.Amazon, Google and Microsoft are offering enterprise services at considerable expense to their customer base.I am sure someone will defend Google, stating that this is a consumer service. The difference is that the service is also an enterprise service.Reviewing the data, Google has very poor uptime for an enterprise service.
Verizon CEO: Going contract-free would be 'pretty easy' but I think we will just screw our customers instead.
In my opinion, T-Mobile is certainly worthy of a second look.T-Mobile has been aggressively improving their services (if not their service):CostHD Voice (wideband audio on iPhone 5)Best failback network (HSPA + 42 Mbps) (well... Failback if you are in a LTE service area)Most frequency bandwidth per customer (as much frequency bandwidth as AT&T but with a much smaller customer base)"Captured" additional frequency bands as a result of AT&T's failed acquisition (brilliant...
T-Mobile should improve dramatically in the near future as a result of the frequency bands granted to T-Mobile from AT&T as a result of a clause contained within negotiations wherein AT&T attempted to acquire T-Mobile (Band 4) (1700/2100 MHz frequency band pair) (AWS) and as T-Mobile continues to refarm and upgrade their Band 2 UMTS (1900 MHz) (PCS).Depending upon your coverage area you may have access to T-Mobile 1900 MHZ (PCS) HSPA+ at up to 14.4 Mbps (the limit of the...
The list preceding isn't comprehensive, only the latest cities announced. How can people not understand this?AT&T 4G LTE Available in Denver as of 14 November 2012.
Except that:He knows this was a concern trollHe chose not to upgradeMountain Lion is already the most popular version of OS XMountain Lion was released months ago
I like this idea.First guy: Has a pocketful of replaceable batteries. Shows the battery run down and he swaps the batteries. While swapping he drops the phone and the screen cracks as all the removable parts fall out. Eventually he gets the new battery inserted. He starts the phone and watches the battery drain.She sees all this as she is recording a movie while he is in the background. She then edits the movie with iMovie.Second guy: Has a pocketful of removable...
No. You are excusing an asinine argument.
Al Gore is as responsible for the Internet as anyone else who could legitimately make the same claim:Robert Kahn and Vinton CerfTim Berners-LeeAl Gore actually has a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the "creation" (not invention) of the Internet.
Android fanatics like to denigrate iPhone users for having small, effeminate hands. The glove is now on the other hand.
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