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  Thank you for responding. I gather from your response that he responded to me. He surely has surmised long ago that I have blocked his posts.
Straight Talk lacks (at least) the following features:LTEHD Voice (Wideband Audio)MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)Visual Voicemail
I don't understand why anyone would do this. Mildly irritating to me. I can only assume they don't know the two letter abbreviation for all fifty states.Hasn't Palm Springs had AT&T's LTE service since August 2012?AT&T expands 4G LTE service in Palm Beach County
The problem is that if Apple were to create a larger phone competitors would simply make a larger phone. There are already rumors of a 6.3" Samsung phone. Samsung wants a race to see how much garbage they can throw in the street to attract flies. Apple can't beat Samsung by playing the Samsung game. I would consider a 4.5" iPhone but I really have difficulty imagining myself wanting a phone larger than that especially when I can simply AirPlay content to my AppleTV.
The term irradiation is most often applied to microwave radiation, gamma radiation and x-radiation.Please indicate the effects of electromagnetic radiation in the radiofrequency band have on children. I have quite a bit of formal education that suggests otherwise.
You could do the research yourself but are obviously too lazy. Too lazy to provide a real argument and too lazy to do the research.Where is your argument? You have none. You only have empty comments. You made the initial claim and I responded. You haven't provided even a single drop of evidence to support your spurious claims.Fortunately, I no longer need to listen to your absurdity much like the multitudes of trolls here.
An interesting consideration is Google Fiber. With Deep Packet Inspection technology, Google can monitor absolutely everything. "Free Internet?" Sure it is.
I think it is interesting that Google doesn't really police Google Play. Google Play has many of the same restrictions that the Apple App Store has but doesn't appear to follow their own guidelines.
Google has effectively compromised the independence of most all of the major consumer groups and supposed accountability watchdogs in Washington with:Free advertising through Google Grants: "Google Grants has awarded AdWords advertising to hundreds of non-profit groups";Generous intern or fellowship programs; andGenerous financial support of liberal grass-roots organizations and their pet issues like net neutralityThe "media reform" movement run by "FreePress / Stop Big...
Google has much more information than data aggregators unless, of course, you don't use google services.Google SearchSearch Engine Result PagesCountry code domainQueryIP addressLanguageNumber of resultsSafe searchAdditional preferences can include:Street AddressCityStateZip/postal codeServer logQueryURLIP addressCookieBrowserDateTimeClicksGoogle Personalized SearchLogs every website visited as a result of a Google searchGoogle AccountsUsed as resource to compile...
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