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What can even be said of that? The video epitomizes everything that is wrong with Samsung.
I remember watching the HP keynote after they purchased Palm. I was elated at the possibilities, as I am certain many others were. Really a shame.
I am not creative enough to think of something like that (You have been warned).Oh, when they don't post such garbage directly in the thread they create legitimate appearing links to Mat Battle (no links, Yahoo! the website on your own).Frankly, such tactics beg the question of Android users' preferences.
Correct, although other surveys can provide information about intent to buy.
USD $12 bn buys a lot of advertising and marketing.Additionally, many Samsung proponents are willing to do just about anything:Post naked pictures of men in non-NSWF forums about AppleLie about Samsung products like many on this forumLie about Apple products like many on this forum
I am curious how you concluded that "7% of iOS users so far" believe "the biggest triumph of Apple Maps is the CURRENT Google Maps."
Interesting that most of the comments related to the referenced article basically suggest that Android sucks."If android and iOS cellular usages are about the same while android phones are reported to have 2x ios market shares, it shows android users are 50% less likely to surf the web using cellular network than iOS users. What gives?""Well, that’s basically Gruber’s theory: that many Android smartphones aren’t being used as smartphones.""If you take in to account that...
In my opinion, NFC can not exist in a vacuum. Near Field Communications for financial transactions requires improved security and a user interface.I believe Apple has a few opportunities other than software but I agree there are seemingly few opportunities.While I believe Anand is correct, he may not have considered the potential use of liquidmetal for the back plate antenna.In my opinion, NFC won't reach critical mass until Apple enters the field.While I agree that...
T-Mobile has been upgrading their network and refarming their 1900 MHz band to DC-HSDPA, i.e. Apple iPhone 5, HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy SIII will access T-Mobile's "4G" network at LTE-like speeds. T-Mobile's 1900 MHz DC-HSDPA network is already live: San Francisco Oakland Modesto Stockton Silicon Valley Phoenix Mesa Tucson Miami Ft. Lauderdale Las Vegas Kansas City Baltimore Houston Washington, DC T-Mobile plans to complete the network upgrade by...
"People keep saying Apple is falling behind" because they are paid shills for the competition.No informed, rational, reasonable person believes that Apple is falling behind. Apple has been more truly innovative in the consumer electronics space in the last decade than any other company which is impressive considering the competition.Apple has outstanding supply chain management but, unlike competitors, refuses to use lower quality components with lower quality quality...
New Posts  All Forums: