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I agree.This also means that educators will be cautious which suggests that developers will be cautious.By the time this has any traction they will be shipping 2013 hardware in the year of 2016 or later. I can't imagine this attracts enough attention to continue development beyond the initial release as a result.
As if any Android device could be considered secure.
I believe you are correct for a number of reasons:Value Proposition (Is there a great consumer demand? Can they create consumer demand (with little effort)?)Cost (Does the automobile manufacturer eat the cost? Hell, no!) (Costs will lessen over time as the technology develops further)Retooling assembly lines (relatively minor effort)Retraining or Training of assembly (relatively minor effort)Support (User, Hardware or Software issues? Who fixes the issues? Who fields...
I use XBMC often on Macs then use AirPlay to stream to AppleTV.
I think it matters to some degree.HTC has entered a licensing agreement with Apple.HTC seems to really consider their product design.versusSamsung who blatantly copies competitors.Samsung who creates mediocre products and uses unprecedented marketing campaigns to sell their products.My sense of justice, truth, and loyalty leads me to believe that fair play should be rewarded.
"Siri is a perfect example. Yeah, it is neat, but most people stop using it after a while."No need to comment to this. Statements like this require supporting data, in my opinion.
"They need to get behind the idea that everything could be a phone and that data is data, whether it's "minutes" or movies." Brilliant but... Challenging. I do agree. This has been an argument for BlackBerry purchasing QNX. So, argue that BlackBerry believes that they can create an entire ecosystem of every device in the world connected by QNX.
"They are well behind their competition...""... They "milk" slight changes now like they will change your life."Those comments didn't require a response other than a mad cacophony of laughter.
They won't move on. They can't move on. There is a host of reasons that XBMC can't be hosted on many systems which is why you don't see XBMC on Roku despite Roku's success.Let us also not forget the writing any code for AppleTV should be very simple comparatively, at least for anyone who has already written the app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.XBMC can not work on the Popcorn Hour, NMT (Networked Media Tank), Tvix, Mvix, Myka, Netgear Digital Entertainer, Ruku, Dlink...
I wouldn't think so but who knows? Are customers frequently specifically seeking HTC and LG in the developed world?
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