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China Mobile doesn't have one billion subscribers.
1. You should have more faith in the carriers. The carriers will find a way to put the screws to you.2. Verizon has announced Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Verizon claimed that they deployed VoLTE trials more than one year ago. Verizon announced a successful VoLTE telephone call on their commercial LTE network over two years ago.3. I suspect you are correct. If I had to guess, I wouldn't seriously contemplate the end of GSM and CDMA for another decade. I suspect that...
Qualcomm announced a considerable amount of innovation actually. The original press release does, in fact, address your concerns:Dynamic Antenna Matching Tuner (QFE15xx) – The world’s first modem-assisted and configurable antenna-matching technology extends antenna range to operate over 2G/3G/4G LTE frequency bands, from 700-2700 MHz. This, in conjunction with modem control and sensor input, dynamically improves the antenna’s performance and connection reliability in the...
Thank you! I really needed to laugh like that although I think I now have a rib fracture.
There is a rumor that Samsung will release a 60" (sixty) smartphone. The Samsung Syndicate was ecstatic about the octogint (80) core CPU which supposedly takes advantage of Project Oleo. Project Oleo is designed to (once again) optimize the Android code for improved efficiency. Several technology pundits have already stated that the Samsung S60 is the best Samsung smartphone ever with an amazing dynamic user interface. One reviewer was quoted as saying, "Finally, an...
/sI think you forgot something.
I am not certain this report is important. We already know Apple has only one rival for the title of "most popular mobile phone company in the world." We already know that Apple has the lion's share of mobile phone sales profit share. Does Apple's place as the most popular mobile phone company make a difference? Apple is already aggressively improving their products and services. Apple is already aggressively pricing their products and services. Apple is already...
You couldn't possibly be referring to that proprietary, licensed technology. Android OEMs don't use proprietary, licensed technology; they only use Open Source technology.
He is factually correct but not correct in spirit.There are apps for iPhone which emulate the functionality of File Expert and AirDroid.iTunes is the most popular media store and media management application in the world. Say what you will but the vox populi is clear.
Unfortunately, we do need them (China).Chinese interests control over 90% of the world's resources of rare earth elements.
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