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Interesting. Google essentially continues to ignore the vast sea of issues with Android including lack of support. Google Stores would have (possibly) effectively addressed the support issues.
Did we just agree about Apple Maps at least in some sense?If so, everyone should kiss their wife and hug their children. Ragnarok (Gotterdammerung) is coming!
Innovation is:Performance that rivals smartphones with twice as many cores, higher clock speed and twice as much memory in a much smaller form factor. That is almost unbelievable, in fact.High resolution (1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi) in-cell touch LCD displays with RGB sub pixel arrays providing 800:1 contrast ratio and 500 cd/m2 max brightness with perfect sRGB Standard color gamut.
Now this is absolutely correct.
While octo-core processors aren't necessarily innovation, octo-core processors should "push the envelope." How ever a company "pushes the envelope" I wonder if we shouldn't be pleased. This despite my dislike and distrust of Samsung.An octo-core processor may involve new SoC process technology (20 nm) for example.How is the SoC designed?How is heat managed?How is multi-core threading accomplished?
I really appreciate the considerable thought and effort of Apple Maps. One might call that "love" if one so chooses. That isn't to say the app doesn't need more effort though. The clear, concise mapping and navigation function really shames competitors who add features and functionality without a clear direction.Forstall was fired, as I understand the situation, for being an inflexible contrarian who couldn't maintain a reasonable relationship with the executive...
Without being argumentative, that is the purpose of a world class App Store.
How clever. You cerated an account just to spread misleading statements..
Although I do not encourage jailbreaking, I would like Apple to response in a manner that virtually eliminates anyone's need for jailbreaking. Gatekeeper for iOS Option to configure the default app for certain functions (Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Maps) AirDrop for iOS Dashboard for iOS (widgets, system control shortcuts) Finder ("file management") Preview (instead of iBooks) Keychain Access Activity Monitor for iOS Automator for iOS Disk Utility for...
In all fairness, Android fanatics are excited.The strange thing is that much like the Android fanatics on AppleInsider, Android fanatics elsewhere are apparently victims of an unprecedented advertising campaign that reports unsubstantiated (and false) "facts."I constantly read this type of rhetoric:Android fanatics: Motorola RAZR MAXX then Samsung Note 2 have the best battery life.Me: Oh? Here is a battery life comparison from a respected website. Apple iPhone 5 beats...
New Posts  All Forums: