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The problem is that this fails to recognize Google's role as "Death [Shiva], the destroyer of worlds."Google's revenue is from advertising not search. Search is a feature, a function, which generates no revenue of itself. As a result, Google is motivated to develop new markets and monetize said markets with advertising. Expanding the advertising business into non-traditional markets is an interesting and perhaps even admirable goal but stealing the works of others to do...
I thought this was a serious post until I considered that:I haven't blocked youI realized you have hundreds of postsI thought about your previous postsThe problem is that we have many members who think exactly as you depicted in your post.(I am certain they will show themselves forthwith.)
Arguably, the best move is for Apple to take a stake in Yahoo! I suspect that Apple and Yahoo! have considerable overlapping demographics. In which case, the acquisition of Yahoo! may not be fiscally responsible. An investment by Apple would further infuse Yahoo! with resources to improve services.
Thank you for making your bias and lack of knowledge so blatantly obvious.
"Northern New Jersey AT&T users got a boost recently. The telecom announced that it expanded its 4G LTE network. The 4G network is up to 10 times faster than 3G..." "... Coverage includes parts of Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Union and Middlesex Counties from Norwood to the Raritan Bay." (1)1. Unattributed. Published 10 September 2012. AT&T Expands 4G LTE in Northern NJ. NYConvergence. Retrieved 10 April 2013.AT&T has been installing LTE in San Francisco for some...
Have you not blocked him/her?
Two years ago I wouldn't necessarily argued with the statement, "Windows will always be a mainstay in enterprise," but Apple iPad is beginning to suggest otherwise.Apple iPad is inarguably more than a simple content consumption application at this point. I have no doubt that we will see significant improvements in iOS 7 as well."Office software is their strength, not operating systems." is not a true statement at least not based on market share in personal computing...
  Thank you for responding. I gather from your response that he responded to me. He surely has surmised long ago that I have blocked his posts.
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