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Apple has definitely started their own speech recognition laboratory as evidenced by the purchase of Novaurius in 2013 which includes many of the scientists who originally conceived Dragon Systems; e.g. John Bridle and Melvyn Hunt. Furthermore, last year Apple hired Alex Acero away from Microsoft Conversational Systems Research Center.
I switched to Yahoo! soon after Google backstabbed Apple. Often, the results are; seemingly; superior.
This is only incremental improvement. As you said, Apple doesn't innovate anymore. :roll eyes:Innovation is larger mobile phones (despite thousands of years of history demonstrating innovation in telecommunications focusing on miniaturization and portability).
A bit off topic or perhaps not. I just noticed that a commercial for the Microsoft Surface uses the Sara Bareilles song Brave. That doesn't send an encouraging message to potential buyers.
Isn't the company name actually FitnessKeeper, Inc.?
The person belonging to the arm and leg is bending over.
Google does some interesting things but they lack clarity of vision resulting in spending ridiculous amounts of money on projects that either never reach fruition or are repealed when Google fails to capitalize on the market.
In my opinion consumer electronics has, by far, the greatest potential for growth. The next 37 years, 3 months, 10 days will be even more Amazing for Apple, Inc.
No surprise since their research and development costs for consumer products are virtually nonexistent; deferred to Apple and dependent upon Xerox.
You are right. Technology companies are generally known for exceptional product concept demonstrations as well as their inability to deliver products and services as conceived.
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