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I am far more concerned about the fate of net neutrality.
Apple doesn't rush to market. Apple had quite a lot of foundation to build before they could seriously consider becoming a contender in the game console market:Go-to-Market strategylarge consumer demandlarge developer communityprocessing power (Apple A7 SoC using Imagination Technologies Series 6 Rogue GPU)Core Motion APImotion sensing input device64 bit processing for improved graphics renderingOpen GL 3.0 or bettergame controller frameworkGame Center
Follow their source until you find the original source.
That isn't the source.
Unfortunately, such applications typically use aluminum oxynitride which results in a highly expensive product.
I highly recommend you follow their sources as they have simply quoted someone else then inflated the numbers dramatically.
You are correct except you should consider the "iWatch" a sensor package providing data to Apple iOS devices. Furthermore, the device will almost certainly gain significant functionality in future generations.
Of course there is doubt.Please provide evidence that Apple will eventually have the capacity to produce sufficient amounts of sapphire for 200 million 5" display devices.
Of further note is a listing for: App Store Manager: Health & Fitness, Medical and Utilities posted on February 7, 2014. Resolved an issue with the link per Flaneur.
This is an erroneous statement.Apple introduced several major new products in 2013 although Apple did not introduce any major new product categories in 2013.
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