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Unfortunately, Samsung advertising and marketing has been very creative in the past few years. I suspect fans of Samsung will wait in line for a $1,500 pair of goggles that do very little since they wait in line for "smartphones" that do very little.
Unfortunately, the comparison is inaccurate. Apple Maps now provides 3D Flyover for more than 100 cities in the United States alone. Furthermore, many of the parameters of the comparison are heavily biased toward Google.
As a matter of fact, the point of interest data in Apple Maps isn't from Yelp. The point of interest data in Apple Maps is from Acxiom, Factual and Localeze which are data aggregators and are considered the authoritative source of business listings even more so than Google.Personally, I desire for Apple to expose their business listings database to allow business owners to directly submit listings. The problem is that Google would likely sabotage their data like Google...
I agree entirely. I have been arguing since the initial beta releases of Apple Maps that the app was absolutely brilliant. The iki (measured simplicity and sophistication without over-refinement, pretentiousness or complication) and shibui (simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty) was manifest from the beginning just as the responsive and scalable architecture are obvious.I am incredibly impressed by the pace at which Apple is improving Maps as well.
The most interesting consideration of the all-to-frequent concern troll rant about the boring, stale UI is the current state of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows 8 changed their UI and has to date been the single worst Windows release in the history of the company.Change for the sake of change is the worst possible idea. I am certain we will see changes in iOS 7, changes that improve the user interface without removing the highly intuitive feel.
You are using the term "yokel" to refer to the average person derisively which isn't fair. There are a fair number of subjects about which most people are uninformed, technology happens to be one and you happen to be an exception. Many of the technological achievements we enjoy today wouldn't have been possible without mainstream acceptance.
I think many of us are aware. I have repeatedly seen comments from regular members here about the quality of the HTC One.I believe it is important to note that the review you linked does seem fair initially, the repeated reference to iOS as a "simple" operating system and Android as a "complex" operating system is clearly biased.
The best aspect of the release is Knox ("best" as in funniest). Knox doesn't really provide anything that isn't already available for Android except Knox Container which is clearly influenced by BlackBerry Balance. The latest versions of Apple iOS and Google Android offer very good security with both solutions offering Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), Application Sandboxing, Code Signing, File System Encryption, Mobile Device Management (including Remote Wipe),...
The "budget" iPhone probably is the iPhone 5. Why would Apple change their strategy which has been so amazingly successful?
The irony of that statement is that it is very likely that the majority of the data is originally from.... Google. Google is a major contributor to Acxiom, Factual and Localeze. Acxiom and Localeze allow users to register directly however.
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