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1. Camera+ has access to the Camera Roll if enabled.2. Except that the keyboard does provide an indication of uppercase and lowercase.See the difference is that Android is so deficient in so many areas that ridiculous workarounds must be created apparently.
Why must Apple create every app for iOS? Android gets a pass on virtually every feature function as very little functionality is native but Apple must provide every feature and function natively?
This is already the case as you noted.
I have no problems with any of that. I suggest that very few people are having issues in fact considering that iCloud has 250 million users and the installed based continues to grow.Do you have any actual evidence of issues? Not anecdotal reports, not a blogger who wants hits for their opinion but facts.
"He" is the obvious troll to whom you responded.I agree entirely. I haven't seen a single objective analysis of iCloud other than my own. Until someone presents a rational, reasonable argument there is no need to attend their argument.
AppleID - My family has used Apple cloud services since .Mac without identity issues.iCloud - You didn't say anything.Inter App Communication - Apple provides methods of Inter App Communication to which few developers have availed themselves.iTunes - What?
Integrated Infrared Transceiver is unnecessary. iOS devices support Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. Many devices can currently be controlled by iOS devices.Apple already provides a robust API for third party apps.What features and functions should be significantly improved as related to imaging and video?The entire iLife suite is available on iPad."Home Gateway" sounds like a Mac mini. While I agree entirely with your statement, the list of features and functions supported...
I think it is very interesting that people tend to forget that Apple iOS does provide many of the features discussed for future releases. I, too, am guilty of this. I think that we like the idea of Apple incorporating these features because Apple usually provides outstanding software solutions. AirDrop for iOS - "Beam" is an option in some apps and many third party options exist File Manager - Apps provide file management for their file type and many third party options...
He doesn't seem to understand that lost data is not available data.
Apple focuses on workflows especially common workflows that solve conundrums:Gatekeeper for iOSAbility to set default apps for functions (contacts, calendar, mail, etc.)AirDrop for iOS (I acknowledge this already exists as "Beam" in some apps)Automator-like functionality in a GUI form (Bluetooth on/Wi-Fi off upon leaving my home, Bluetooth off/Wi-Fi on upon arriving at work)"Open with..." for iOS (I acknowledge this already exists in some apps)Disk Utility for iOS (low...
New Posts  All Forums: