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As I have previously stated, Apple should offer to purchase Navteq. Such a negotiation could include perpetual, non-exclusive worldwide rights to offer Apple Maps on Nokia products.
No surprise that Maps on iOS 5 suck, Google provided the data.
The referenced study does have limitations; however, the study does provide additional insight into the tablet iPad market. "During the company's conference call, Google's new chief executive Larry Page noted a "run rate" of $2.5 billion in annual mobile revenues (income derived from Android, iOS, and other platforms), growth of about 2.5 times the company's 2010 mobile revenues, but a tiny fraction of the revenues Apple is generating as a hardware maker." (1) "While...
Antennagate was a non-issue. The iPhone 4 had a lower product return rate than any competing smartphone.
Please provide a quote wherein I "ridiculed" you.
You misunderstood. Tim Cook is quoted as saying, "The more our customers use our Maps the better it will get..."Better not worse. Better.
If USD $500 mn is a "few million" to you then I am certain that I could never spend your entire fortune. Please adopt me.Android-based smartphones are a curiosity. My customers who use Android-based smartphones have mostly been completely shocked when I told them their "smartphone" could provide turn-by-turn navigation.
Apple didn't surprise Google. Apple's mapping and navigation acquisitions have been well publicized since 2009. Apple's Maps app was previewed at WWDC in June 2012.The link provided is interesting since mobile share of Google revenues has apparently already dropped considerably since mobile revenue comprised 6.58% of Google revenue in 2011. Has Google already taken a massive hit from Siri?"During the company's conference call, Google's new chief executive Larry Page...
As a matter of fact, we already know the news isn't good. Data provided by Google even suggests that 80% of ad generated revenue on the two major mobile platforms is from Apple products. Considering that more than 95% of Google revenue is generated from "advertising and other" it is likely that the study is a valid representation with some margin for error."During the company's conference call, Google's new chief executive Larry Page noted a "run rate" of $2.5 billion in...
Except that we see the same story in report after report after report. Is no one creating ads for Google Android? If so, what does that say about the Google Android platform?In all fairness, only approximately 1.5% of all Android-based devices have upgraded to adopted Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (without Adobe Flash support). Interestingly, while Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has reached only approximately 1.5% adoption in three months, Apple iOS 6.0 reached approximately 25%...
New Posts  All Forums: