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I find myself coming to Apple Insider less and less. Hilarious that some are complaining about a minor release when: BlackBerry 10 was delayed twice. BlackBerry Z10 was announced on 30 January 2013 but not available in most markets. In fact, the "global launch" is limited to the United Kingdom and Canada at this time. The majority of Android "smartphones" are using an operating system more than two years old. Android will never compete with iOS in touch sensitivity...
I don't understand the push to have Apple make a low cost phone. Apple is the number two mobile company in the world by volume. Apple is far and away the number one smartphone company in the world by profit. Apple has the largest ecosystem and has the only ecosystem which is internationalized and localized. Apple connectors are proprietary "standards." I don't understand how Android sells so well outside the United States since many of their products and services are not...
Apple would benefit considerably from purchasing Waze:Waze is social and Apple is arguably the most social media friendly technology company. Apple has numerous social media components in the products and services they just haven't integrated all the social components into a single offering nor do they advertise as a social media company. An argument could be made that Apple is the fourth largest social media company.Waze has a very innovative automated mapping solution...
Google is a thief. Google's business model is to appropriate intellectual property as well as products and services protected by copyright then offer the product or service for free by underwriting the product or service with advertising. Brilliant business model but extremely unethical regardless of your motives and Google's motives are not morally superior.
Courtesy of CNN MoneyThe truth is that Samsung outspent every other company on the planet in 2012 in advertising and marketing.
What can even be said of that? The video epitomizes everything that is wrong with Samsung.
I remember watching the HP keynote after they purchased Palm. I was elated at the possibilities, as I am certain many others were. Really a shame.
I am not creative enough to think of something like that (You have been warned).Oh, when they don't post such garbage directly in the thread they create legitimate appearing links to Mat Battle (no links, Yahoo! the website on your own).Frankly, such tactics beg the question of Android users' preferences.
Correct, although other surveys can provide information about intent to buy.
USD $12 bn buys a lot of advertising and marketing.Additionally, many Samsung proponents are willing to do just about anything:Post naked pictures of men in non-NSWF forums about AppleLie about Samsung products like many on this forumLie about Apple products like many on this forum
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