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I hate to say this but perhaps it is time Apple considered purchasing a search engine.
I noticed this several weeks ago but thought that the few instances I noted were isolated. Given the various nefarious practices in which Google has previously engaged I am inclined to believe this was not a server error.
I would like to see Apple work on embedded systems but I suspect that will not happen.
What do you not understand?
Care to join us in this thread?
In part, the contract with Apple is what enabled Samsung to do so. Apple spent billions of dollars in advance to ensure that Samsung could deliver. Now, Apple is spending all that money on TSMC.
Do people really believe smartphones are designed and developed within a few months time? Of course, Apple plans several years ahead of releases.
You really don't. theverge.com is arguably the most anti-Apple website on the Internet and that says volumes about the quality of the journalism and membership, in my opinion.
I don't see how these features are possible without carrier support.
What is the use case?
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