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Why is this a bad idea?Amazon Kindle has been successful if not profitable.
Why should Apple "step up and take responsibility?"Do you think companies "screw up" when they release new hardware such as the likely forthcoming next generation iPhone?
Actually both people must have:LTE capable phoneHD Voice capable phoneVoLTE capable networkT-Mobile competitors have announced plans to implement VoLTE this year.
Why? There are alternatives to Gmail and there is a Gmail client for iOS.
LTE?Visual Voicemail?VoLTE?HSPA+ (41 Mbps) failback?
T-Mobile claimed that they would have 100 million customers covered with LTE by the end of 2013.
This was clearly reported during the announcement by CNet.
LTEHSPA+ failbackVisual VoicemailVoLTEI am. Bye, AT&T (as soon as my contract is finished).
No. You must simply finish paying for the smartphone you purchased.
F - L -A - W - G - I - C
New Posts  All Forums: