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I am responding to your comment as I do not see the original poster's comments.I believe a Gaggle of Googlers is the prefered vernacular."gaggle"gag·gle [gag-uhl] Show IPA verb, gag·gled, gag·gling, nounverb (used without object)1. to cackle.noun2. an often noisy or disorderly group or gathering: a politician followed by a gaggle of supporters.Origin:1350–1400; Middle English gagelen (v.), gagel (noun); of imitative orig.Notably, one definition is " an often noisy or...
AppleInsider wrote an article from just last month detailing a 18.5% share for Apple in the United States. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/01/03/apples-share-of-us-mobile-phone-market-grows-to-185 Apple iPhone continues to dominate (relative to the small overall share) in web usage, however, with 41.5% of "web share." What do people do with Android phones? Seriously!
Samsung may very well be able to oust Google Android from Samsung products. The problem for Samsung is that Google Android has an well known and accepted ecosystem whereas Samsung does not. Software and Services: Gmail Google+ Google Hangouts Google Maps Google Now Google Play Google Wallet Hardware: Google TV Nexus Q Here are some images of Tizen. Notably, Samsung Software and Services are highly disappointing as well: Music Hub S Beam S Cloud S Voice
Not to sound snooty or anything, but you don't have your own blog?
I think Apple could do more, however, I would like to see them expand their current products and services logically. The problem is that I am virtually certain they are doing many of these things already. Improve existing products and services: AppleTV iCloud iLife iWork Maps Siri Do something (more?) with the companies they already purchased: Authentec Lala Particle Seriously consider purchasing the following companies: Nuance (speech recognition used by Siri)...
I would hope so. The smartphone market is nearly 50 times greater than their previous sales record.
Can you provide any objective evidence that tablets are not purchased as alternatives to laptops?Can you provide any objective evidence that netbooks and chromebooks are purchased as alternatives to laptops?Can you provide any objective evidence that netbooks and chromebooks are not used differently than laptops?How does it make sense to include smartphones to look at total computing devices?
The same argument about tablets could be made for netbooks and chromebooks.For the majority of consumers, a tablet has all the personal computing power they need.
I find myself coming to Apple Insider less and less. Hilarious that some are complaining about a minor release when: BlackBerry 10 was delayed twice. BlackBerry Z10 was announced on 30 January 2013 but not available in most markets. In fact, the "global launch" is limited to the United Kingdom and Canada at this time. The majority of Android "smartphones" are using an operating system more than two years old. Android will never compete with iOS in touch sensitivity...
I don't understand the push to have Apple make a low cost phone. Apple is the number two mobile company in the world by volume. Apple is far and away the number one smartphone company in the world by profit. Apple has the largest ecosystem and has the only ecosystem which is internationalized and localized. Apple connectors are proprietary "standards." I don't understand how Android sells so well outside the United States since many of their products and services are not...
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