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Anonynous has confirmed the existence of an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring." The event includes a number of people who essentially simultaneously released the celebrity photos according to Anonymous.
Anonynous has confirmed the existence of an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring."
Do you have an evidence that a brute force attack was used?The evidence I have seen (exif files, reporter statements indicating they were contacted about this prior to "The Happening", many images are not the celebrity in question or are photoshopped, etc.) suggests that this was a person who has traded such images in exchange for similar images for some time.
Thus far the latest iPhone to be announced on September 9th will offer the following: Custom Actions iCloud Drive Nitro JavaScript engine for third party web browsers Photo Editing Sharing Options Third party keyboards Widgets Additionally, according to rumors Apple will offer: Multiple form factors (4", 4.7", 5.5") NFC Optical Image Stabilization I wonder what Android proponents will complain about next.
No suggested that the Reality Distortion Field refers to anything other than Steve Jobs' "ability to get engineers to agree to do things they didn't think they could do... and then do them."
I disagree strongly. "That Android is an inferior ... operating system" is fact. Not a view.
Tim Cook contracts ALS?
Surprisingly, most of the comments to Anand's "The Road Ahead" farewell are well wishes. I had another thought about Anand's role at Apple. Anand is perhaps one of a handful of people who understand the user experience we expect with the ability to translate such requirements into technical specifications. In other words, Anand is one of a handful of people who could, I believe, ensure Apple maintains Steve Jobs' vision of a quality user experience or the "reality...
I was thinking the same thing. Anand would make an outstanding SME for press relations. Alternatively, he would likely make an excellent senior product manager or quality assurance manager for hardware or "user experience."I enjoy Anand's reviews of technology more than Daniel Eran Dilger's editorials (I believe the two are comparable in enthusiasm if no where else).
I am not convinced that Apple is including NFC on iPhone 6 despite the evidence. Most of the iPhone 6 hardware leaks are from a single, essentially unknown source.
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