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I thought the general impression is that the Samsung method doesn't function well with two hands either.
That suggests that the Samsung method is an open wound inviting virii.
I sincerely hope Apple continues to apply everything they are learning from mobile devices to their desktop, laptop and workstation class devices. Apple being the only company that can apply everything they learn from every product line to every other product line is an advantage that can't be underestimated.
Apple does deserve credit.The vulnerability was apparently initially identified on 8 January.The vulnerability was resolved in iOS on 21 February in the first update released following the apparent date of the identification of the issue.Does the competition resolve issues in such a timely manner?
This is the reason that updates are critical to any enterprise solution and especially to the defense, medical, transportation industries. I wouldn't be surprised if the adoption rate percentage reaches greater than 50% within 72 hours (from now).
Rest assured that this will be proclaimed as the iPhone killer by a certain contingent of the population.
Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft; they all have a "walled garden" some just have better gardeners.
According to various dated statistics:Tens of Billions of Notifications per dayBillions iMessages per dayHundreds of Millions of emails per dayTens of Millions of Apple Maps usersTens of Millions of Apple Siri usersetc.etc.etc.Apple focuses on user experience, not the underlying technology, as the value proposition. Apple data centers are based on competitor's technologies so Apple has no incentive to promote the underlying technology.Quiet Brilliance. Quite reminiscent...
Battery life will not be an issue after Samsung squires Tesla so users can just pull into a Supercharger station and refuel every few hours.
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