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Google Maps is riddled with serious issues in Silicon Valley. As Google headquarters is located in Silicon Valley I can only imagine how horrible their directions are elsewhere.
Oh, I thought those comments were serious initially. Now I am convinced he is just sarcastic.
Wow. The quality of Google trolls has declined dramatically. They don't even know how to "Google!"
Long overdue. I hope their anti-fraud techniques are exceptionally good since Google actively sabotages competitor's maps.
This is correct, Apple didn't invent any of this technology. Apple only created the best implementation of contactless payments to date using proprietary technology. Innovation isn't the same as invention but innovation is equally important for mass adoption of complex technologies. Innovation is what Apple does far better than anyone else:Apple IDApple Pay serversFind my iPhonePassbookSecure ElementTouchIDTwo factor authentication
Within just the past ninety days all these premier cloud services providers have had service outages:Facebook Is Down On Web And Mobile [Update: It's Coming Back After 20 Minutes]Google Drive Goes Down: Search Giant Is Investigating Cause Of Outage That Affected Cloud Apps, Storage Microsoft Cloud Service Azure Experienced Global OutageThe purpose of the preceding isn't specifically to detail failings of Apple's competitors. The point of this post is to note that...
Apple has few peers in cloud services as demonstrated in my previous post; Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo. Apple is essentially offering the equivalent of all the following; Amazon Instant Video, BlackBerry Messenger, Google Apps, Google Play, IHeartRadio music streaming, Microsoft Skype, PlayStation Network (or Xbox Live) and Yahoo Maps combined. The breadth and depth of cloud services as well as the size of the user base are especially...
Google Android dug its own grave and now must lie in it.
While many argue even today that Apple "doesn't 'get' the cloud,' this is patently false.The 24th most popular website in the United States, Apple.comThe 38th most popular website globally Apple.com (beating such companies as About.com, Adobe Systems, Alibaba Group, BBC, Blogger.com, CNN, Craigslist, ESPN.com, GoDaddy, The Huffington Post, IMDb, Netflix, The Pirate Bay, Reddit, Wordpress.org and every XXX site on the Internet)A leading online retailer (top ten by some...
New Posts  All Forums: