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Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!I am not sure (and don't care if) the government can do anything but signing the petition is quick and easy. Posting to Facebook and Twitter will ensure awareness.
The singular "good" quality of this post is that you have revealed yourself as unworthy of reasonable discourse.
Consumers benefit from Pay due to convenience, security and privacyMerchants benefit from Pay due to lower credit card feesBanks benefit from Pay due to decreased fraud
We, the people, don't care.Retailers will not reduce the prices of their goods and services by a similar amount; therefore, I have no incentive to use their service beyond any promotions.We, the people, do care about ease of use, security and privacy.
What is a "rabid liberal?"
I disagree.CVS/pharmacy does have an issue if their corporate guidelines are so strictly enforced that a loss of less than $2 is too much to pay to gain a lifelong customer.
Google can't sell their products if the Merchants already have the same products customers.
CurrentC is the only thing Google Android users hate more than Apple based on comments in the Google Play Store. That is a very high bar but Merchant Customer Exchange has somehow managed to unite the two camps.
Best Buy, Kmart and Sears definitely fit this description.Target and Walmart should be embarrassed to be in the same consideration.While many Google Android devices are feature phones I am not sure the same rule applies in the United States. I have seen many people on iPhone and Google Android using their phones as feature phones or Facebook phones at best.
Admittedly, there may be a novelty effect occurring with Pay. Pay is; as Tim Cook described; easy, secure and private providing much more than a novel experience though.This seems like the most reasonable approach. What are the current web browsing usage statistics of iPhone to Android?
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