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This is likely why Apple doesn't publish their sales numbers. Who would buy a smartphone without: 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait 2 GB RAM Super AMOLED HD Plus PenTile display microSDXC MHL-HDMI Micro-USB On-The-Go (No Android-based smartphone vendor would ever make a proprietary connector like a MHL-HDMI adapter) Replaceable Battery NFC A company needs at least 160 models to be successful. No company could possibly garner 18.8% of the worldwide smartphone market without...
You are correct. In fact, there are many more features as well.Improved display (99% sRGB Standard Color Gamut accuracy)Improved durability (anodized aluminum back with ceramic glass or pigmented glass, sapphire crystal lens, display edges don't protrude unnecessarily beyond the edge)Faster Wi-FiImproved FaceTime cameraSimultaneous video and still photographyImproved backside illuminationImproved video stabilizationFace detection for videoWideband Audio (HD Voice)Superior...
Privacy Mode? I assume this is sarcasm but I must be missing something.Whoever captured the images was doing performance testing and downloading new apps.Except for the 99% of the Earth's surface which isn't captured.I actually agree to some extent; however, the user can click on an individual station which will then provide a location label. I hope that developers will provide a map layer with such information. I will also say that considering the location and unusual...
Apple A6 SOC (system-on-a-chip) POP (package-on-package) 32 nm (CMOS) LP HK+MG process ??? MHz dual-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU according to Anandtech.
The battery doesn't seem significantly larger based on rumored data. I hope the change to 28 nm and 32 nm process technology will benefit users.Like Steve Jobs, I am second to no one.
I recommend taking note of this citation. This poster seems attentive to details and demonstrates concern for accuracy.[/end shameless plug]
You must have responded before I finished.Apparently the thinner profile is attributable to the in-cell technology.The additional space; therefore, is attributable to the use of 28 nm or 32 nm process technology.I presume some of the space will be used for Hynix or Toshiba NAND flashNFC components aren't very largeAuthenTec's AES2750 fingerprint sensor isn't very large
The partial metal back seems an odd design choice; therefore, I believe there must be a reason. (cognitive bias)There is also the question of how Apple is using the (likely) massive amounts of additional space in the new iPhone:Apple A6 SOC will likely use a 28 nm or 32 nm process indicating a smaller processor (unless Apple decides to use a quad-core processor)Qualcomm MDM9615 is manufactured using a 28 nm process, again, possibly indicating potential additional...
I hope colored skins aren't the marquee feature this year. Perhaps iPhone Bluetooth integration with the iPod nano to allow users to manage their iPhone from their iPod nano.
I remember last year when virtually everyone was sure that the iPhone 5 would be curved based on images.At any rate, that isn't the point. My point is that based on the imagery, Apple has made some significant changes apparently unnecessarily. Unnecessary changes are an anathema to Apple.Why the back panel?Why not a one piece back?Why was the headphone jack moved?Why was the FaceTime camera moved?
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