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 Why? Besides you can't do it on AI. Believe me, because of the ignorance of some posters here, I tried. I quoted his last post and I found it to be very good. Everybody takes those Google numbers as fact and not even once did I hear/read any dev complaining about it.
So, again: Another discussion where you have absolutely nothing to add, another discussion where you simply ignore facts and try to manipulate half-truths to get on with your wrong and even delusional view of the world. Thanks for the awesome gif, but that doesn't make up for the fact of how fantastic and secure Android is, neither does it change the fact and even in the US most people specifically chose Android, despite the Apple power and every other reason we might...
First, thank you for the factually informative post. Once in a while you are a very valuable poster :) Second of all, it's funny to see that there are almost as many people running older versions than gingerbread than there are people running KitKat. Play Services will eventually hit an wall and this failure to update devices will become very apparent. And in my opinion, Android evolution really stopped at 4.1, and that was a small step after 4.0. There's almost 0...
They are losing because most think: "I'm not paying 500 euros for an year old phone with plastic. I might as well pay 300 and get an Android".
Correct me if I'm wrong and please forgive my ignorance before boooooing me away.   So, in the US, where price isn't a factor (flagships cost more or less the same with a contract), the country where all of Apple's services are targeted, the country with more than 300 Apple Stores, the country that has the iPhone since 07, Android is ahead. Most people specifically chose Android. Why?    While the iPhone isn't outsold by any specific model (Say s5), the best sellers...
Awesome! Now they can use that place on the website to sell a useful product like a bigger iPhone. While you are at it, kill the mini too. Focus Apple.
With what?
I'm a patient man, and the most innovative company on earth deserves my patience. They were wrong with the one size fits all theory, but they will fix it, like they did on every category since forever (iMac, iPad, iPod, etc.).Meanwhile you are right: The note is here, today, so why bother waiting? The galaxy note has lower build quality, worse battery life on tasks like 4g browsing, much slower UI with some strange lag and stutter, worse ecosystem with the apps that were...
Why? I read some of your posts saying that he was great when Apple was smaller, but not anymore. Lots of posters agree with you, but I don't get it. As far as $ goes, Apple has 0 problems.
Apple and everybody else with at least a "decent" amount of finance acumen. It makes all the sense in the world, especially if they use the "saved" cash for stuff related with renewable energy, the company itself, etc.
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