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I seriously hope that Apple is getting ready for something "big". There are countless companies that have a lot to offer to Apple and their products, and they do nothing about it.   Just F*cking buy Tesla, Apple!   (great move, Google)   And Motorola just keeps getting more and more awesome (The best android phone, Moto X. Moto G, etc)
 Apple makes more money from Macs than HP+Dell+Asus+Sony+Samsung, combined, make from PCs (do the math or some research. You know how to browse the web or do some math, right? so don't vomit that 3% again). The Mac business itself is a fortune 500 company. It still is Apple's backbone, and it still growns in revenue. The installed base is huge, especially in developed countries and you never saw as many macs in the wild as you can see today. Remember, as numerous...
Sinking? Shut up. I doubt that someone that says what you said even has an house or sustains a family with his own cash.Educate yourself.
I call BS on this article. I believe that Android can be fantastic and Google knows what they are doing, but most popular apps simply do not adopt their design guidelines. I complained about the subject on the Verge, and lots of folks agree with me.   http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/11/5199262/doubts-and-more-doubts-help-required   Twitter is bad on Android, Facebook Messenger looks like an iOS app (bad for android) and facebook is just ugly.   
Is it true that Samsung's profits will be down close to 20%? If so, and if Apple keeps itself flat or shows some growth, they just showed how stupid analysts and shareholders can be.   Having said that, I still believe that if they were more aggressive, Apple itself and their users, + shareholders, would quickly see some amazing benefits. After this dismal quarter (for Samsung), another iPhone line with a bigger screen is a golden bullet targeting samsung's...
What event? This is just speculation. Nothing "happened". Nothing that was supposed to happen didn't "occur".AAPL is just a stupid and irrational game. I wonder why Tim doesn't wrestle the bull by the horns on this one. And believe it or not, if healthy, and in the same circumstances, a guy like Steve would eat these analysts alive. I don't think that there is a better CEO than Cook for Apple, he certainly is very important no matter the position he takes, but he should be...
What would people want from them, even if things were good in Redmond? Windows?
And the biggest one is very ignorant and irrational shareholders, like you have proved yourself to be over the years. Then we have those bloggers that wanted to be real journalists (but can't write anything properly) or engineers (But understand 0 about the subject).
Are they? So an iphone 4 (still being sold or stopped being sold recently) is high end but an s4 mini isn't? What about the galaxy j? the mega? You see the point, there's a line somewhere. Besides, Apple is really being outsold by Android's high end offerings (together, of course) and all of them have a 4.7"+ screen. That shows that there is a chance for Apple to double sales on the high end if they offer a bigger screen with another iPhone line.
Horrible update for Android.   Twitter is one of those apps that would look great with the holo theme/treatment. Instead, they (together with Facebook, especially Messenger) chose to not respect the design guidelines and force the iOS 7 look that makes no sense on Android. It's like iTunes on Windows, or MS Office on a Mac, absolute garbage regarding design.   I wonder what Google can do about it. The G+ and Hangout apps are a trillion times better than Facebook and...
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