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Exactly! Finally someone who get's it... Some of these posters have some problems moving forward.It surprises me there's no one with "Snow Leopard it is, then.".
Actually, isn't the Note praised by the awesome battery life? That's the advantage of a big phone. The screen loves more juice, Android loves juice, the snapdragon drinks like an horse, but there's plenty of room for a 3500 battery.
Looks like I have some sort of dogma.   Safari just keeps getting better and better (looks like safari 7 is great), with so many great and innovative features, but Google Chrome syncs with my Android device.   Oh well, f*ck it, safari it is.
They know the air's screen is shitty against "full hd" and similar stuff and the only reason for Apple to use such crappy panel is: Greed. Instead of dividends they should focus on these things.
So they wouldn't care about shitty pathetic outdated screens and 128gb storage on a pro machine? Or iWork and iLife? Yeh right.
Problems with Mac Line:   -Retina models still are expensive and have little memory (128gb? of course it is ssd but is this an iPad?), no updates in a long time are a joke. Haswell brings tremendous benefits once Apple shows how to use those CPUs. the retina 13" needs iris to be a viable option. -cMBP are and look outdated and make the whole mac line look bad. Very expensive for what they offer. -Air is the best laptop around, but has a shitty screen. -a 17" retina...
This is where you lose your credibility.
 That's a very stupid and irrational post, for a variaty of reasons. The fact that in 2013 you could post such BS means that you are really disconnected from the world. The iPhone isn't a f*cking phone, it's much more than that, and a bigger screen makes the "much more" part shine. No one said that it must be a brick of some kind and even if it was, why wouldn't you buy the regular 4" line? Who the hell are you, besides someone that demonstrates such lack of culture and...
Lol is this guy on crack? Can't he even use google search to see how wrong he is? Does he even know that often when icloud is "down", it is down for a fraction of their users?
New Posts  All Forums: