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 Yes, lots of times. The thing is: It's much more important when iMessage is down to 0,0000001% of users than when gmail is down to everyone.
And why is Apple the one that must change the game? Having the best product on every category they are in isn't enough? you are pathetic and ignorant, rob.
 Since they are the only ones innovating and competitors price inferior products at the same price, how are they overpricing, no matter how much net profit they have?
Isn't armv8 important because it is 64 bit?
 Yes sometimes the guy goes berserk but he usually has something interesting to say. He contributes more for some discussions than, let's say, me.
 Maybe you can't read, and that's a pity, but the guy is right.Samsung will have an awesome quarter thanks to other businesses. Their smartphone growth is close to being over, and that's ok. Anyway, if Apple wants more profits and revenue, they need another iPhone line with a bigger screen, but doing 10 billions per quarter is good too. A bigger iPhone, a bigger iPad, kill the cMBP, make a retina 17" and that's an awesome start to be even more profitable and have more...
 I have an Android phone. The thing is rooted and running Cyanogenmod but that's irrelevant. I use a dozen of popular apps and all of them are available on iOS. I browse a lot through Chrome and also use twitter or facebook. Please explain to me how I am at risk of something. Also, I do not need an AV for windows 7 (when I used to have an Windows machine). How can I get virus or malware? Never saw any android user getting it. I'm not saying that Android is more secure than...
 I believe that the chances of a NAS or hard drive failing are bigger than 2 or 3 cloud services failing at the same time.I store important docs on iCloud and on Dropbox. Never had a problem. With Hard drives? I had some problems. Besides, that wasn't the point. SD cards are shit. External batteries? same thing. If I open my samsung device too many times I break it, really. S3 mini. Now, If a company like Samsung didn't took 50% of internal storage away from me (for their...
Look at his face, just look at it.
 Or an iOS backup to iCloud... You understood him, don't be an ignorant hypocrite.
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