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Seriously, the iPhone 5s bitchslaps this in every possible metric.   besides having a pathetically small (great quality, at least) screen.
A bigger iPhone line, together with the current 4", + new Sony devices + LG, + Chinese OEMs and this is the year that Samsung will go down. (by now, I mean having the same relevance as Asus).   Very underwhelming release.
Vince is a visionary, no doubt about it. He's always the first to adapt and evolve. It's a shame that even wwe doesn't treat the world outside the USA the same way.
And again, as usual, Nvidia is owned.   Tegra 1: Shit, no one used it. Tegra 2: Shit, no one used it. Tegra 3: Shit, only Asus was stupid enough to use it on those nexus. Tegra 4: Surface. k1: Who cares.   in each and every one of those SoC Nvidia promised the world... Remember the reaction when the a5 (or 6) crushed it?
That's a very stupid observation. Most tech sites have their money from Samsung. So what? Should they stop writing about them? No, they do the opposite.
Well, they pay them to spread FUD. Most posters (me included) post on multiple forums.Apple websites are an excellent target, especially with guys like @TallestSkill.
Maybe yes, maybe no. That means that the first Gen won't have support, accessories, etc. But then again, those that bought one aren't exactly bright people.
Agree.The Facebook Android app has permission to read sms. If they can also have similar permissions to WhatsApp messages, how do you value That long term?
Do you even realize what you are saying? A single company entered the most difficult business that there is to enter, with a vision that wasn't shared by anyone. They advanced battery tech by 15 years (alone), they are building charging stations (alone), they are changing people's minds (alone) and they have made a beautiful, fantastic car that is praised and praised. They payed for those loans. They are also at maximum capacity and way ahead of their own predictions. You...
And what is the importance of share price compared with products and the company itself? 0.Go and learn how to count cards.
New Posts  All Forums: