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At the same price points, the air is much more capable and simply better as a Machine. (SSD, build quality, lighter and thinner, more resolution).
The only thing that really seems bad about the Air (compared to the rest of the Apple's Line-up) is the screen.   I mean, it is not "bad", but compared to Apple's line-up and the rest of the competition? I see no reason for it. At least IPS...
The processor; 16gb ram; HOPEFUlly a 750m on the 13" and SLI 750m on the 15".
Don't be obtuse, son. :)   10.8 is by far the best OS on the market, but that's no excuse for some stupid bugs that are everywhere and visible. Like taking 30s for my Macbook Air to shut down, as well as rMBPs, while they boot in 5s or so.   It's all about those processes that have to be forced to close. Everyone knows it, yet they are still there.   Other problem is related to those users that vomit things like "Why do you shut it down?". I payed hard earned money for...
So, by your flawed logic:   A tunned 800hp Fiat Punt is a better car than, for example the 750hp Pagani Huyara.   Sorry, no.
The motorola i had an intel cpu and ran android.
In my humble opinion, the camera priorities aren't right.   On a tablet and iPod, the best camera should be front facing, for pictures, facetime and skype...
If you guys believe that Apple would go and not use a camera on a new iPhone line... Oh boy.
And the iPad was beautiful engineered and beats all tablets on battery life by a huge margin. The s4 has a 3x bigger battery than the iPhone and loses on every single test with the screen on.
But they know you can't read on Samsung's screens outdoors.
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