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Haswell is enough to assure buyers that the integrated graphics handle the pressure.   Oh... And SLI 750m, standard 750M on the 13" :)   Oh... and SLI 750m on the retina 17"   lol
And the USA just cares about those 160 billion and taxes, as recent events show. Maybe they are even more greedy and worse than China.   Apple's solution? Buy their own land and become independent. They have the dollars. lol
worse case scenario most ubuntu apps would be html5, just like ALL of those firefox apps.
Ubuntu is so much better and interesting than this...
          I'm sorry, but you guys need to think a little more:   The current iPhone already has enough horsepower for it; If they go with Imagination's ROGUE, it will have more than enough horsepower to power a nuclear submarine. That sort of thing, on your phone, must have a purpose, and it isn't Angry birds; With things like IGZO, the power requirements would be substantially lower; Put an HTC one and an iPhone side by said. While you can talk about the iPhone...
  That's not the point, apple isn't going to release anything and that's the wise thing to do.   The problem is that tech blogs are talking about lower demand (apple is doomed) when Apple is using other companies like pegatron, TSMC (etc) more and more instead of relying exclusively on 1 manufacturer.
And lie it or not, that says a lot about the arrogance, stupidity and ignorance of galaxy S users.   All of them are stupid because they bought that phone. It's an universal, undeniable fact. And before the usual suspects came here vomiting saying that you can't define people based on their phones: In this case, yes you can.   There's much better phones at that price range, leagues ahead with the iPhone being the best. It's not a matter of taste here. So they are stupid,...
She really is a beautiful woman.
Old and underpowered? Is there a faster 7 to 8 inch tablet available? (UI and GPU). I guess not.   What do you have? the tegra 3 joke called nexus and Samsung plastic shitbags.
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