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Isn't that obviously huge? We are talking about a guy that has 100x the importance of someone like Steve Jobs. And he just confirmed the meetings. That's huge.
That's an ignorant statement. Hell, Samsung has a pint with these ads. It's time we have better multitasking (browsing and taking notes, for example) and the iPhone screen is pathetically small, despite destroying the note on everything else.
Why the **** would Tesla put all their eggs in Cupertino when the world outside the US is 95% Android?The current strategy makes the car iOS and Android friendly.A company like Apple would just use that to stab Tesla the first chance they got. Google did the right thing.
Well, Tesla can't be iOS only, that would be very stupid for obvious reasons. A partnership or some sort of licensing for that battery tech, even in future iCars would be beneficial for both companies. Apple could help a lot in expanding those charging stations worldwide. I think we are reaching a point were people must accept that they have the same right of driving cars as they do with planes. It's not supposed to be a "fun" experience, people die because of it and...
@pinolo, you have no idea of what you are talking about. Apple's hardware power is going up, not down. Not only that, Apple doesn't need the iPhone and the iPad to be as lucrative as Google, not to mention what it would take for them to burn through 170 billion. The Mac was never better, and the PC market saturated a long time ago. In fact, when the smartphone market saturates, everyone will lose market share, besides Apple, as the natural progression of costumers...
What? I'm not a dev. I just said that I used VS (to learn Visual Basic, how to use algorithms, etc.) before using Matlab (mathematics, analysis) and when I had the opportunity I used XCode. And, as I mentioned, despite using those 3 different programs for 3 very different goals XCode just seemed logical, pleasant, better..Then you have the cases os Mac and iOS apps clearly outclassed similar apps of other ecosystems. Why is that? I know a few people that work on that area...
I never used Visual Studio and XCode to a fraction of their potential. Not long ago, I was learning Visual Basic. It's simple and works well.What I found is that teachers loved Visual Studio because... They knew Visual Studio. Just like people love excel because they only know excel.Then I was using Matlab. The syntax is very similar to Visual Basic, despite different needs. Matlab runs on Unix, there's no need to bootcamp.Suites like Eclipse and all have a following, for...
Airplay it to you TV and use a BT keyboard?
Who cares. It will be slow, huge, difficult to use (same crappy UI especially for mobile?), expensive... It will only deserve as a direct comparison with iWork for iOS, so it will only increase iWork's value.
If Apple does such thing, it will most likely double their sales on every single category they compete. How? They have virtually 0 presence in most countries, a device that could do such things would open every door to every country worldwide. There's nothing more interesting, powerful and lucrative than our concern with ourselves.
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