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Nobody invented anything. Everything is evolution from something. Even the wheel is an evolution from a square, for practical uses.   It all started with a gigantic fart, and the universe was created.   Thank you.
I believe that he wants to create something. Maybe not a new product, but the best iteration of that product to date. He will be waiting for haswell (second part of the year), the new imagination chip gpu (second part), maybe Igzo, etc.   It's just circumstances.   It would be stupid to release a new iPhone/iPad without the rogue chip from imagination when they would be out 1 or 2 months later, just like new versions of Air and Retinas without the adequate chips from...
They always did. For the media, Apple was always one step from crumbling, and they could end tomorrow. Always. Read older articles form sites like Cnet, etc. It's always the same topic, same things. Apple is the only one obligated to innovate despite the fact that no other company innovates at consumer level.   The difference is just that right now, because of apple (ironically), people have great devices, are always looking for more news, rumors to share and take things...
Again, he is right.   Despite all the shortcomings of the galaxy, the big screen (despite weak) makes a huge difference. If Apple releases one, oh boy... It would quickly become the best selling device.
Au contrarie, it's all about specs, but specs that mean something.   For example, only a retarded whale cares about processor and ram. Rational humans care about speed on real life usage: iPhone.   Retarded whales care about resolution, color gamut. Rational humans care about accuracy, if the screen is pentile or not, real ppi and brightness levels so the screen can be used outdoors and how apps take advantage of it: The iPhone wins, with the HTC one close.   See? It's...
And I'm thinking about the opposite.   After trying those shitty phones with oversaturated screens, bad build quality, lag (as the S4 is known for), worse battery life while on use, worse ecosystem, how many will say "enough" and buy an iPhone?   looks like that for each person that goes from iOS to Android, 7 come from android to iOS. Not bad.   Now imagine if Apple had another line of iPhones with bigger screens.
actually they said they sold 10million s3 (now 6 million s4).
This, totally.
Why do you care so much about why do I care about AvS cares about?
Nokia killing itself and doing the same mistakes over and over.   So, witch one is better, 920 925 or 928? will we have 820 825 828? etc etc. The lumia name means nothing already. Same thing with sony and and the xperia Z and now the xperia ZR.
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