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And why do you care about his possible answer?
why do you care?
  apple doesn't give a **** about other platforms; whatsapp looks bad.   bbm can do it right
exactly mstone.   Time for more screen sizes, it isn't about price but that could help too with another iphone line.
That wasn't my point.   The fact that no tech site cares about it is my point.
Can you imagine the same guys that found that power button bug (press the button x times during y seconds, stay pressed, etc) trying to scratch it?
I wonder. Do you guys even know that blackberry live is live (lol) right now?   Only the verge is covering, no one else gives a damn anymore. No ads, no news, no rumours... Only the home button matter.
the home button should go away for the same reason that the keyboard needed to go. It is useless mod of the time.   Give the same functionality to the power button or something to have a safe way out, but eliminate that and cram a bigger screen on it.
It could load faster; it could look better; Numbers could be much better (data analysis, statistic, etc); etc.
  No really, they can buy everything on their iOS devices.   The problem is: Apple should do it so Android users still give some sort of revenue to Apple and find themselves tied to Apple. However, Apple should put everything on their huge software list first: iWork, Safari, mail, OSX, icloud, Pro-apps, etc.
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