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Sorry, you guys are kicking and screaming but i do find these stats believable, besides samsung's huge numbers. Again, some of you are missing the point here:   This is about smartphones + tablets + computers.   Apple just passed all of those windows OEMs for good. That's amazing and worth some sort of docs by Discovery or something like that.
it's desktop + mobile.   Apple surpassed microsoft on everything, completely all by themselves against an army of OEMs.
What about mac owners?
you have to be blind and retard to believe that 100 million win8 devices are being used. Maybe 1/10th of that.
Isn't iAds more successful than anything that comes from google (mobile)? 
Smart move.   But to find Google apps on an iPhone you have to be really blind. Gmail instead of Mail and a new apple account (just forward your mails if it is needed)? Maps (debatable, but Apple is going to surpass it soon)? Chrome (kill yourself ASAP) instead of Safari on iOS?
Only few are bright, only few are smart. The others team up against them. They hate success.
Apple should hammer it now, right? Take the high end all to themselves. Every computer sold that costs more than 800$ dollars should be a Mac. There's no excuse to let people be stupid and fooled by the PC industry.   Put the hammer down, Apple.
Not at all, they make huge profits from cheaper smartphones. They just fool costumers and are integrated so they can still maintain margins. In some countries the Galaxy Ace still is the best selling device. It's hillarious.   People just want Samsung.
That can happen, but only if developers go full-retarded. Why?    Apple provides the best tools to develop; iOS is by far the best as a platform; iOS devices are, in average, one billion times more capable/better than the average Android device; iOS has the best users; Apple is building a huge set of awesome services for the future, services that will become unmatched.   How can you argue with this? Having said all that, Facebook Home sucks and is a huge...
New Posts  All Forums: