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Nice editorial, worth reading, but I do not agree with it.   Apple is losing market share worldwide and sales (numbers) are not growing at the pace of others. Yes, you may say that's because others make cheaper devices and some OEMs are on crisis and the market (worldwide) is far from saturated, but the fact is that even Apple's profits are down, so...   The conclusion is that they reached the maximum of the current business model, and that's a great business...
Because the S4 is shit on every single metric when compared to the iphone.
Don't be stupid. iOS still is the strongest platform, by far. Even if it loses the title of "strongest", it doesn't mean that Android will be better. See Mac vs PC, as an example.   The question here is:   Is Apple capable of going from "better" to "dominant"? They need a bigger screen for that. They need to be more aggressive for that, even on marketing. As Samsung shows, more than half of smartphone buyers are as dumb as rocks. Ads work on them.
Is it possible for Apple to release (on the near future) a lightning-thunderbolt or lightning-usb3 cable instead of the current lightning-usb2 cable?
  That's a stupid article, as shown in some posts.   Every new OEM flagship is bigger than 4.5. It's somewhat recent, and already accounts for more than 10%. If Apple really wants iOS dominance (if), they must release another iPhone line with a bigger screen.
you guys are so retarded (sometimes).   USA.   Would you be that surprise if samsung sells more S4 in the next quarter than Apple sells iphone 5? That's samsung alone. People want and like bigger screens.
Stupid conclusion.   10% of Android activations but 90% of android's high-end offerings (or more, as of right now.). Anything highend from the Android world is 4.5"(s3, s4, note2, xperia Z and other xperia models, htc one and other models, moto RAZR, etc) and up, and these are recent phones.   Does it mean (since they are so recent) that Android's high end offerings (all of them with more than 4.5") are already selling as much as Apple sells iPhones?   If...
  looks like Apple is the one playing hardball, and I like that. kneel to no one.
I know.   But (for starters) it's made by samsung, so it automatically brings all sorts of problems.
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