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  The market is not even close to saturation yet, maybe on the US but not in Africa, India, China and most europe's countries.
Why samsung knox?
Another one...   Lack of responsibility? So I can't check an SMS because some bastard might be watching? Hey, don't be a retard. The only one that is guilty is ALWAYS the guy that choses to become trash and steals something.
The stupidity is strong in this one...
What the hell are you talking about?   People can show what they want, it's not their fault. Those f*cking animals that rube people are the ones with 100% fault. All of them should be murdered. End.
"professional gaming"... oh boy
No one buys the Nexus 10, at least no one with a working brain. Never saw one in the wild and most likely will never see it.   Even the Nexus 7 is not that good...
This chart is hilarious! How can they publish this and not be nuked?   9 million Samsung's tablets?? Whaaat? Where???   I can believe Asus because of Nexus 7, but all others?   Someone was drunk.
  No no. Tablets are different things, they existed before the iPad, and they suck.   You are comparing a chariot or a cart to a Mercedes.
There's a reason for those. HTC makes and provides the best android phone/experience and BB provides a different choice/platform.   Samsung? 0.
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