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You have the benefit of being in 2013, but people like Paul Allen, Bill gates, those that ruled the industry back then said time after that that everyone had doubts. Although, all doubts were gone when they saw the final products.
Exactly.   Thanks for you sincere and educated response. You should be a mod.
Right before that, then.
I know it is hard, but it is based on what I see. People look tablets mostly for browsing, games, email and videos. Everything related to multimedia.   You are going to a meeting, you are on the bus, you are on a train... Will you use your phone or tablet on the go? Is it better to use a tablet or 5" phone for the games we have now? Sorry but must people will have the phone on their pockets the whole time, and ready to go. So the tablet loses here, me thinks. (read the...
Besides, 20 years ago, there was doubt around the GUI, similar with what we have today with the tablet arena.   WIll the tablet stay a tablet and eat PC sales? Will a tablet become a hybrid device like the surface? -If that happens, Apple will still put great products for many years, but they will lose the leading position.   MY POV is,   Computers like the air and retina will keep improving and dominating, but the pc market will go down in size, because...
Imagine crap? What the hell are you talking about?   The galaxy note loses to the iPhone on every single metric and still is better for playing games, internet, reading, watching videos, etc just because it is a decent 5" phone, even if too expensive for what it is.   Put a 5" on an iPhone, change the design so it isn't the same thing just proportionally bigger, make apps for it, give it the right things and you have the better product ever created on the history of...
Sorry guys, But I totally (and I mean it seriously) can see his point.   Give someone a galaxy note 2 with LTE and that person will never use a tablet again. Only the phone and a computer when something needs to be done. Now imagine a phone like the note but done right.   The screen provides a great browsing experience, it's lighter and more portable, has the firepower of a regular tablet, makes calls and has the conveniences of a phone. That's a fact, most...
Yup, that's why you can do the Math abouth a 13" retina MBP's screen on a tiny 5" iPhone. And the equivalent 15" retina on a 9.7 iPad, while the iPad Mini goes for the 9.7 retina pixel count.
Lumia? Yes.   One? The OS does.
A phone that is worse on every single metric than the iphone, an hybrid that is worse on every single the air does and on everything the iPad does, an OS that is a joke compared to the awesome plataform that is iOS or the greatness that defines OSX.   Best products? Shut up.
New Posts  All Forums: