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  Vinho do porto on the head of someone that bought a galaxy tab? Oh boy, why would i waste great wine on a head full of sh*t?
And that's a stupid observation because dozens of phones with better screens exist. In fact, a few phones are better on almost everything.
I fin it awesome that every time an article about blackberry is written, dozens of new accounts are created, be it on Cnet, Verge, Apple rumours sites.   Why no one states the obvious?
No. That was RIM.   This is Blackberry. Totally different.
I thought this was a cheap phone and was getting ready to get it. I mean, it is even worse than a galaxy S3 or 4, a nexus 4... and by the looks and features i thought it would be cheap.
i thought the phone was 150€, not 600.   If it was 150 I would put my Android phone on a trash can.
Of course that they all still committing a big mistake about stereotyping iOS users as fanatics. While millions buy the iPhone for status, the best costumers are the ones that use it to get work done. EVERYONE that buys a galaxy S only do it because of ads. The phone is mid range at best, be it on build quality, screen or "work-ready" features and the ecosystem is very very low-end.   Is the Lumia different? It just looks like a a different toy, it won't look good to...
This in an ad done right. It's great.
That.   And their app policy. Devs use absolute terms when developing apps, which in turn give a much better experience for users, unlike what happens on Android. So it would demand more time unless they find a way to update Xcode to make it simpler.   Then it is about cost. Imagine a big screen (phone) done right, with great build quality performance and features. That does not exist (at all) and would be expensive.
I would love a phone like the galaxy note but decent, running apps made for it, an awesome ecosystem, amazing build quality, great screen, a marriage of hardware and OS that would make possible great performance for a 700$ device. I would really buy a phone like this and spend almost all of the time i spend on my Air on it.   Only Apple can do that, but they chose not to.   It's such a shame that the galaxy note is so bad for the price when compared to an iPhone. At least...
New Posts  All Forums: